Guerisson 9 Complex Cream In-Depth Review

Full and in-depth review of the almost iconic cream Guerisson 9 Complex. In this post I’ll tell how it performed on my very sensitive combination skin (dry+normal) and reveal how to tell if the product is authentic

Greetings! Finally I’m ready to tell you what I think about this cream. Some of the best skincare products I’ve found for my skin are Korean and decided to finally try Guerisson 9 Complex Cream. I live in Europe, so we’re in the middle of winter now – perfect timing to try such a nourishing face cream! I’ll tell you all about my skin type and how this cream performed over the course of 3 weeks of everyday use. I’ll also quickly mention how to check whether the product is original – I’ve seen several reviews online mentioning fakes. Let’s get started!

I got this product in my first order from Jolse (full review & unboxing).

Right away, let me tell you my skin type and main concerns. I’m in my late 20s and my skin type is combination. My T-zone can get oily (it depends on the type of makeup I’m wearing, but sometimes it happens by the end of the day) and cheeks and chin are usually normal to dry (in winter). Since I’ve switched to Korean skincare a few years ago, my skin doesn’t get dry as often as it used to. I am allergic to some artifical colorants and fragrance in skincare products – usually my skin gets itchy and flares up, sometimes I can develop a rash. I also tend to stay away from glycerin-based skincare, because it generally dries my skin out and causes dullness and flaking over time. In terms of Korean skincare, I’ve been more than satisfied with what is considered mass market for K-beauty – these products aren’t even near the ‘luxury’ category.

What I want from face cream, especially in winter: I want my cream to be nourishing and equally good on all areas of my face, meaning that I expect adequate nourishment for both dry areas and normal areas. My T-zone is generally normal, but can get oily by the end of the day (in the summer or if I’m wearing moisturizing foundations), so I also expect my face cream not to cause oiliness. I want my face cream to not clog my pores or irritate my skin, causing breakouts and rashes. Ideally, the face cream for me is unscented or has very faint scent. In the long run, I want to get deep moisturizing and nourishing processes going on.

Guerisson 9 Complex Cream Review


  • pure ceramide and German horse oil fill skin with moisture
  • vegetable extracts keep the skin moisturized
  • whitening effect + wrinkle care
  • firming
  • calming
  • protecting
  • skin barrier strengthening
  • suitable for all skin types

All of these promises go in line with my skin concerns, so that’s why I decided to choose this product.

Price: $16.98 on Jolse, $14.58 on Amazon

Used for: 3 weeks, twice a day as a part of my skincare routine

Packaging: 70ml glass jar with a metal lid, packed in a carton round cylinder (click to enlarge the image in a new tab):

How to tell if this cream is authentic:
⎆ QR-code on the side sticker (in the previous version it was printed on the bottom)
⎆ color of the box is saturated warm brick orange and says ‘Guerisson’ on top of the box
⎆ under the jar you’ll find an authetification piece that says ‘Claire’s’ and a plastic spoon
⎆ on the side sticker, there’s a piece that changes color once you put it against a magnet – you can see it’s almost black and then when I put it on a magnet (the magnet is on the other side – it’s my fridge magnet) it turns blight green
⎆ there’s a booklet in the package about this cream and other Guerisson products

Texture: thick, something between butter and coconut oil, but not oily

The cream starts melting immediately when it touches the skin:

Scent: very faint & pleasant herbal citrusy scent. Lingers on the skin for only around 20min after application, didn’t irritate my skin at all

Effect: even for dry areas of my face this cream is very nourishing, so I need only the tiniest bit for the whole face. The cream melts into the skin very quickly and doesn’t leave any uncomfortable feeling of a film or stickiness. What truly impressed me is that after two days of using this cream twice a day my skin started to heal rapidly – I noticed dry patches peeling off and tiny wounds disappearing. The cream didn’t clog my pores nor did it make them more noticeable – surprising, given the thick consistency.
For me the trick is to use very little of this cream, otherwise it takes too long to absorb. I also usually prefer a less thick and nourishing cream for the area under my eyes.

Efficiency: the amount equal to 2 peas enough for my whole face – I think it’ll last me quite a long time.

Repurchase? Yes, for winter it’s a must-have. I previously used the ever-popular Innisfree Olive Real Power Cream and it always felt like nourishing only the top layers of the skin. After months of use, my skin got dull and dehydrated, it felt like the cream was sitting on top of the skin, but wasn’t sticky. This Guerisson cream provides very deep nourishment without any irritation, so by far it’s my favorite.

Recommend? I can recommend it for dry and sensitive skin as well as combination (dry/normal). For oily skin will probably be too heavy.

I need to address one of the ingredients in this cream, which is horse oil. The horse oil for this cream is imported from Germany – one of the countries where horse meat is a part of traditional cuisine. At the same time, production of this cream doesn’t mean an increased number of horses slaughtered – the number of butchers licensed to produce horse meat in Germany is limited. Therefore, production of this cream helps use up more by-products of horse meat industry. Meat production industry produces a lot of inexcusable waste, which is why I have no issue with a product that includes horse oil in it – we need to use 100% of all animal products instead of wasting them.

See you in my next post,


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