Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is Alexandra and I must confess that I adore shopping, makeup, and fashion. However, this love isn’t like a high school crush – it’s an intelligent relationship where I know who’s who. Above all else, I appreciate smart shopping, because we deserve the best quality at the best prices. Besides, there’s nothing that frustrates me more than waste, which is why I always carefully choose what I purchase.

I am a person of many interests and a professional writer, so this blog is where I put all the ideas I find useful and interesting. Random facts about me:

  • perfume conosseiur & collector
  • Photoshop enthusiast
  • homegrown amateur hairdresser
  • 80s fashion aficionado, but not wearer
  • ME2 is my all-time favorite videogame
  • notorious Aliexpress shopper
  • all-time favorite movies are 12 Angry Men (1957) & Fifth Element (1997)

I’ve created this blog to share fascinating things I’ve discovered about:

I can’t say what direction my blog will take several months from now or a year, but one thing I can promise: it’ll be regularly filled with a lot of interesting things.

The name of this blog comes from my overwhelming desire to share everything great I find with you and, obviously, my severe obsession with coffee! So let me invite you to a relaxed yet fascinating virtual chat over a cup of great Italian espresso!

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Oh and another thing! This blog doesn’t contain any sponsored posts, referrals, or affiliate links. If I say something is good or not so good, I’m not doing it to earn a commission and urge you to buy it – I’m simply sharing my experience. If someday (not any time soon) I decide to partner with some brands or companies, I’ll be transparent and honest about it.

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