Monthly Movie Recap: March 2020 🎥

Quick recap of everything I watched in March with short reviews.

Hello and welcome! I’m back with my usual monthly movie recap. 18 movies, including an animated TV series, the majority of them fantastic and only a few not so much this month. Let’s get started!

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Monthly Movie Recap: February 2020 🎥

Monthly Movie Recap: February 2020. The movies I watched in February 2020 that stood out to me in one way or another. Several real gems here!

Hello and welcome to the new post category of my blog – monthly movie recap! I’ve made full reviews for a few movies, but there’s many more that I watch, but don’t write full posts about them for one reason or another, which is why I decided to introduce this format. I got this idea from a chat I’ve had in the comment section to my post about Motherless Brooklyn movie with the gorgeous fellow blogger from ASpooniesMakeupBag (check her blog out – she’s extremely talented!) – thank you for inspiration, darling 💕 In these posts I’ll go through the movies I watch during the month and this will be my way of making a movie diary and recording my impressions and feelings about different films. I’m also incredibly excited to share my thoughts with you and hear from you about the movies I’ll post about!

By the way, there will never be any spoilers in these recaps!

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Motherless Brooklyn Movie Review & Thoughts (Spoiler-Free Review)

Motherless Brooklyn Movie Review and Thoughts (Spoiler-Free Review)

I am yet to see a movie where Edward Norton plays as if he’s not even playing. To be precise, I don’t think I’ll ever come across such a movie, because this phenomenal actor is, in my opinion, the best in business. I was stunned watching Norton’s debut performance in Primal Fear (1996) where he outplayed a dinosaur of the cinema Richard Geere. Then in Painted Veil (2006) he was once again impressive in a dramatic role. In The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) Norton demonstrated how much of a versatile actor he was. In Motherless Brooklyn he’s the script writer, producer, and director, so my expectations were very high. I can definitely say that I wasn’t disappointed, but would I 100% recommend it? *suspence intensifies*

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‘Marriage Story’ Honest Movie Review w/Spoilers

Marriage Story movie review with spoilers. Netflix’s Marriage Story ending explained

This might be one of the most thought-provoking movies I’ve watched in recent months. A terrifying story about the crush of a family, spousal envy, vengeance, victimization, and manipulation that can be analyzed for hours. I won’t waste your time retelling the plot – I’ll just give my honest review. Spoilers ahead!

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