JOLSE K-Beauty Unboxing & Review #3

Jolse haul review

Hello and welcome ❤️ Finally I got to ordering and reviewing my third order from Jolse – a K-beauty online store that ships directly from Seoul. For months shipping was way too expensive (due to the global pandemic), but I was able to place an order during the Black Friday sale. It took Jolse 2 weeks to ship my order, but I received it within 3 days by DHL. Let’s see what I got 😊

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JOLSE K-Beauty Unboxing & Review #2

Jolse unboxing and review #2. Quick overview of my second order from Jolse with both makeup and skincare items.

Last month I’ve run out of my BB cream (Holika Holika Petite BB Clearing – light blue tube), concealer, and cleanser, so it was pretty much written in the stars for me to place another order on Jolse (first order unboxing here). By the way, you can check out my review of the cleanser Holika Holika Daily Fresh Rice Cleansing Foam after around 8 months of everyday use – truly great product. I felt I could trust Jolse after my first order and hopefully their service won’t let me down in the future because by far it’s my favorite place to get Korean skincare and makeup from. I’m super excited to try out everything I ordered, so let’s start the unboxing!

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JOLSE K-Beauty Unboxing & Review #1

Jolse K-beauty unboxing and review + all the samples!

As you might know from my previous posts, I’m a big fan of Korean skincare – it just fits my skin, while European and American skincare usually causes irritation (even such brands as Vichy, which is supposed to be extremely suitable for sensitive skin). In Europe it’s often hard to find Korean skincare and makeup at reasonable prices or at all, which is why I usually opt for overseas e-shops, such as iHerb and now Jolse. I have to point out that I’m not affiliated with these companies and just a regular customer sharing my experience.

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