Tip Tuesday #19: 3 Inventive Alternative Uses for Micellar Water

3 (+bonus) alternative uses for micellar water

Hello and welcome! This week’s post is a very short one – it’s about 3 alternative uses for micellar water.

1.Removing coat collar stains. I often wear nylon/polyester jackets during the fall-winter season – they are lightweight, durable, and protect from the wind and rain. As a rule, the collars of such jackets are tall to keep the neck and chest warm, so the foundation sometimes rubs off and gets on the fabric. The easiest way I’ve found to clean coat collars from makeup is to apply micellar water on a cotton round and swipe the collar with it – works like a charm!

2.Cleaning makeup sponges. Despite that I clean my sponges regularly, sometimes they get stained by the makeup and reguire some serious cleansing. I use a bit of micellar water on the stain, squeeze it well to get it into the sponge, and then clean as usual. It helps maintain my sponges clean looking for longer.

3.Cleaning white leather sneakers. I’ve recently bought white leather sneakers and they’ve become my favorite pair of shoes to wear. The only downside is that they can get dirty pretty quickly. I pour a bit of micellar water on a cotton round and wipe the stains with it – gets the stains off very well and leaves the leather intact, unlike harsh cleansers.

Bonus: micellar water is very effective at removing paint for kids and playdough stains off the skin.

Do you know any alternative uses for micellar water? I’d love to know and look forward to your comments 💕

I hope you enjoyed this week’s #TipTuesday!

See you in my next post,


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