Monthly Movie Recap: June 2020 πŸŽ₯

Monthly Movie Recap – June 2020

Welcome to my Monthly Movie Recap! I was in a process of moving in June, so not the list is shorter than usual, but still I managed to find one hidden gem during this hot summer month. 4 shows, 1 movie, and, as always, no spoilers!

All credit for the original and awesome Seinfeld poster goes to

Atiye / The Gift (Netflix, 2019). Beren Saat is one of my most favorite actresses, so I keep track of the projects she takes part in, and this is how I discovered Atiye. To me, this show was like a breath of fresh air in many ways – the idea is original, acting is amazing (didn’t expect anything less than that from Beren Saat), and I especially enjoyed the locations and camera work. This show deserves the praise it gets and I can definitely recommend it to anyone who likes mystery stories. To me, however, it wasn’t the mystery plot of the show that impressed me the most – it was the deep philosophical questions underneath it. I sincerely hope the showrunners won’t screw up Season 2! *fingers crossed*

Hakan: MuhafΔ±z / The Protector (Netflix, 2019). After finishing Atiye, I quickly browsed for similar shows and it turned out that Netflix had another show from the same creators – The Protector. Well, this one was a letdown to me in every way. Do you know how shows use cliffhangers and convenient coincidences just to drag the story as long as possible? The Protector does it to the extent of being legit annoying. For instance, a person who knows a very important secret is opening their mouth to finally tell the secret to our hero and get the story going… but then the hero says something like ‘we’ll have time to talk, don’t worry’ and just goes on his merry way 🀦 The villain demands that our hero gives him what he wants to basically rule the world in a cruel way or he’ll hurt someone dear to our hero… and the hero just does what the villain wants 🀦Very important characters appear out of nowhere when the writers write themselves into a corner 🀦 I couldn’t handle the whole Season 1, and clicked through Seasons 2 &3 to see if the story has finally gotten dynamic, but nope. The Protector isn’t my cup of tea.

Star Trek: Enterprise (Season 2 & 3). Continuing to watch Enterprise! Season 3 has a much darker vibe than the previous seasons. I like how the writers weren’t afraid to embrace this darker tone. At the same time, I feel like I need to be in a certain mood to want to watch it, so in June I didn’t watch Enterprise a lot. Will definitely continue though.

What Women Want (2000). For some reason I felt like watching a romantic comedy from the 2000s in the middle of June 😊 This movie is alright, it’s fun, even though the plot is as predictable as they come. To me What Women Want isn’t a love story at all – I was much more focused on the story of Erin and how Nick’s supernatural power helped her. I don’t think it was the intention of Nancy Meyers, but then again – the plot has a lot of storylines and characters to juggle around, so I guess this is the story that seemed the most coherent to me. 6.4 on IMDB seems fair to me.

Seinfeld (1989 – 1998). Like I mentioned in my May Monthly Movie Recap, this is one of my favorite sitcoms, so I continued watching some episodes occasionally. The point of Seinfeld isn’t creating likeable characters and it shows especially well in later seasons – all of them get progressively worse at handling their decisions and relationships. And delivering brilliant jokes while doing so πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Have you watched any of these movies and series? I would love love love to hear your opinions and feedbacks!! As always, looking forward to reading and responding to your comments πŸ’–

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3 thoughts on “Monthly Movie Recap: June 2020 πŸŽ₯”

  1. We just got rid of Netlix but will probably be getting it back in the Fall. To keep our cost down we will switch things up. I have watched all Seinfeld seasons and even own the complete set. They are so fun to watch and always make me laugh. Looks like you picked some good movies here.

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    1. There are definitely some gems on Netflix, even though I’m always on the fence whether it’s actually worth it πŸ€” Seinfeld is one of my absolute favorites! It aged so well, too. Sure, I had to look some references when I was first watching it (like Elaine’s phrase ‘maybe the dingo ate your baby’ – had no idea there was such a story behind it!), but that didn’t take away from the enjoyment ☺
      Thank you so much for visiting my blog today β™₯


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