TipTuesday #12: Fragrance application tip #2

Are pulse points a bogus or a real thing? Does applying perfume on pulse points help make it more long-lasting?

Hello and welcome to #TipTuesday! As you might already know from my previous Tip Tuesday post on how to make perfume last longer, I’m a fragrance aficionado. Over the years, I’ve read tons of information about fragrance application and just need to share this one about pulse points and why they aren’t as important as they are presented!

It’s a well-known theory that applying fragrance on pulse points (wrists, inside elbow, behind ears or neck in general, behind knees, and base of throat) helps the fragrance ‘develop’ better.

Coco Chanel once said, “A woman should wear perfume wherever she wants to be kissed” – same old pulse points basically.

In reality, pulse points have nothing in common and there’s no scientific evidence about that applying fragrance on these points somehow affects its longevity. The truth is, fragrance longevity depends more on the moisture and oil balance. The name ‘pulse point’ is a bit misleading, too, because these areas are actually the ones where skin temperature is slightly lower.

The simple truth is that you can apply fragrance anywhere you like. I personally dislike applying fragrance on my wrists because I wear watches – metal bracelet changes the way the fragrance smells, while leather straps dry out and fall apart quickly from the alcohol in perfume. Also, the perfume ends up rubbing off my mouse pad anyway. Applying fragrance anywhere near my nose (e.g. neck) just overwhelms me.

So if you’ve ever felt like you needed to apply fragrance on these ‘pulse points’ to make it more long-lasting or like you’re missing out on something by not doing it – you’re not missing out on anything at all!

I’m incredibly curious to know: what are your favorite spots for applying perfume? And, as a fragrance junkie, can’t help asking what is your favorite fragrance (fragrances)? I’d love to know!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s #TipTuesday!

See you in my next post,


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Author: Alexandra @YouAndMeAndCupOfCoffee.com

Passionate researcher and writer. Coffee maniac. Pilates enthusiast. Makeup and skincare junkie. Occasionally - movie and book reviewer. Come join me on my quest!

12 thoughts on “TipTuesday #12: Fragrance application tip #2”

  1. I like to apply perfume in my arms, between wrists and elbows. In fact, for the same reason you mentioned, as I wear watches and bracelets and metal interferes in the fragrance scent. My favourite fragrance of all times is Chanel Nº19. I used to have another favorite, Gucci Envy, but unfortunately it was discontinued and now I can´t get it anywhere.

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    1. I simply adore Chanel Nº19! It’s absolutely magnificent and I’ve been on the hunt for an old batch of it for a while now (got my Coco and Nº5 EDP from old batches) because in 2015 Chanel has drastically changed their formulas – the fragrances have become less long-lasting and the overall perfume compositions a bit more… bland. It happened due to new regulations in the industry, but still. It’s just the worst when perfume companies discontinue or reformulate fragrances 😞
      Thank you so much for reading and commenting ❤️

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  2. And here I am believing in the pulse-point theory of most fragheads out there. You’re right about this, there is no scientific evidence to prove that! By the way, my fave one is Black Orchid, I just got myself a mini though, can’t wait to get my hands on a full bottle! I just don’t get it why many people hate it, my partner loves it on me! ❤️

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    1. In the past, I used to waste quite a lot of fragrance by following these ‘rules’! Now I just apply it my way 😊
      Oh Black Orchid is amazing! It’s a real gem of the fragrance world, but I think it’s the ‘love it or hate it’ kind of fragrance. It’s got a unique patchouli-orchid-cocoa-truffle mix that to some people is just too much, and also it smells kind of different on everyone. On me it quickly get too syrupy-sweet and cloying, while on others it’s divine. You’re very lucky your skin agrees with it and you enjoy it! It’s sultry, unique, and really stands out. Btw, I also tried Velvet Orchid and same story – just turns too sweet on me. The bottles of these two fragrances are so cool!
      Thank you for reading and commenting ❤️

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      1. Thanks for sharing perfume tips! Love talking to someone about perfumes! Black Orchid doesn’t get sweet on me, I think it’s more floral on my skin. You’re welcome! Have a nice day! ❤️

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