TipTuesday #10: Getting rid of split ends without losing length

How to get rid of split ends without losing the length? I know a great technique that many hairdressers rarely talk about!

Hello and welcome to this week’s Tip Tuesday ❤️ Today I’m sharing an awesome technique for getting rid of split ends without losing length – you can even do it at home!

We all know that the only way of getting rid of split ends is cutting them. However, if you’re trying to grow your hair out, but need to get rid of split ends regularly (they cause hair dryness and further damage over time), then the technique that might be best for you is dusting.

Dusting is basically trimming only ends of hairs that are damaged, which makes the hair look healthier and works if you have slight to moderate amount of split ends.

Here’s how I do it at home: I take a strand of my hair and twist it all the way to the ends. As a result, the hairs that are very dry, split, or damaged, will stick out of it:

Source Image

Hairdressers do it by pressing a flattened strand of hair on the flat side of the comb to make those dry and damaged ends stick out, but the principle is the same:

Source Image

My hair gets very mild split ends (especially since I’ve completely stopped coloring it), so I do this procedure once every 2-3 months. It works great for medium to long hair, but even with short hair you can ask someone to do it for you using the flat side of the comb as a tool to press the hair against and then trim those split ends.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s #TipTuesday!

See you in my next post,


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21 thoughts on “TipTuesday #10: Getting rid of split ends without losing length”

      1. I haven’t lived in humid climates, so I don’t have first-hand experience with humidity to tell with 100% certainty whether it does, but I can say this: for my hair, it’s the heat that causes major damage because it dries the hair over time, both in the summer and from using hair dryers and flat iron. My hair shows signs of dryness quite quickly, so I try to minimize the use of these tools and cover my hair somehow in the summer (wear hat or braid it to reduce the surface exposed to the sun). Oh and another thing – the quality of water! Hard water does the same thing as heat to my hair and makes it very dry.


      2. Wow. I live in a very dry climate as well and a lot of girls I know put their hair up amd is leave in conditioner. Sounds like you have additional parameters for your hair type. Ha ha! I don’t talk about hair care very often!

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      3. In my experience, leave in conditioners contain a lot of silicones, same as hair oils. I’ve used them for years and my hair started to look dull over time, which actually can be a long-term side effect of using silicones – they dry hair out. My hair is high maintenance – that’s for sure! So I need to be mindful about how I take care of it, otherwise it just doesn’t cooperate with me 😀
        It’s always a pleasure to have a discussion! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment ♥


  1. Oo great tip, I had no idea. You should totally do a tiptuesday on hair fall and bald patches!! I’m only 16 and all of a sudden my hair fall has increased by ten folds and now I can practically see the skin on my head if I move my hair slightly :/ It’s quite scary

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    1. So sorry to hear that! If the hair fall is so severe and sudden, I think my best suggestion would be to visit doctor trichologist, who can determine the cause of the issue. I know only simple remedies, such as taking biotin, using oil masks before washing hair, not using heat tools to reduce hair damage, etc. Hope you’ll get better! Wishing you all the best 💕

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      1. I’ve ordered biotin, so hopefully that works. Seeing a doctor would be quite difficult because of the quarantine. Thanks though! Haha, I hope so too!

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      2. I understand – such a difficult time right now. I’ve been thinking about it and suggested that visiting a doctor would be a good idea because intense hair loss can be caused by many factors or combination of different factors – very complex issue. It can be stress, lack of certain vitamins and minerals, or even issues on hormonal level and internal organs. I remember once I had serious hair loss after taking antibiotics. Biotin has many benefits and last year greatly helped my mom with hair loss. I sincerely hope that it’ll do the same for you.
        As for additional tips, I’ll share here everything I know and tried here (just hoping to give you some ideas):
        I massaged warm coconut oil or almond oil into the roots of my hair 1-2h before washing and then put a shower cap on. I found that applying it on all of the hair made me use more shampoo to washer it off, which dries hair out. I did it twice a week. One oil that is known to boost hair follicles like no other is castor oil, but it’s quite thick and challenging to wash off. My friend once worked in a diner during summer in Arizona and she had to wear a tight cap as a part of the uniform for 12-14h shifts every day and lost half of her hair as a result after 3 months. She was able to basically save her hair using castor oil masks.
        Hair brush needs to be gentle – I use brush with thick wooden bristles. Brush once or twice a day, very gently – it helps stimulate the scalp.
        Using as little shampoo as possible not to dry hair out. I also use oil with shampoo to help nourish the scalp (it was in one of my previous Tip Tuesday posts)
        If it’s hot where you live, wear a lightweight hat or bandana on your head when going out, but make sure it’s breathable material – all it needs is to provide shade for the hair.
        Try to let your hair air dry and skip using hair dryer completely if possible. Same goes for flat iron.
        This is basically everything I know about getting hair to stop falling and stimulating growth. Most importantly, hair is known to be resilient – it can go back to normal pretty quickly, which I hope will happen for you soon!
        Sending warmest wishes ♥

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      3. These tips are amazing! I’ll definitely try out castor oil and I’ll take everything you mentioned into consideration. Thank you, these helped greatly 🙂

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  2. No way. I used to have waist-length hair but the split ends were reaching up to my shoulders so I had it cut really short! I wish I had known this before I made that decision back then. Oh well, but thanks for sharing! This is a really handy tip! 😊

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    1. I’ve had the same situation several years ago. Surely, sometimes hair is damaged beyond repair and this trick won’t save it – only a serious cut is needed.
      If the amount of split ends is small, then dusting can help prevent them from further damaging the hair. I wish my hairdresser would know this technique, or maybe she did, but didn’t want to do so much work? 🤔 Besides, now that I know about it, I regularly check my hair for split ends and trim them, so my hair doesn’t need to be cut so often.
      I’m glad you’ve enjoyed this post! Thank you for stopping by ♥

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