TipTuesday #6: If you ever hem pants, you NEED to know this!

How to hem pants the right way? There’s a very important detail that is never talked about! If you ever hem pants, you NEED to know this!

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Today’s tip is about life changing if you hem pants – doesn’t matter men’s or women’s!

This technique goes for any pants except for flare pants. You may have noticed that most pants are usually a bit narrower on the bottom (hemline) than anywhere else:

Sometimes when you hem pants, they can look good even with a new, wider hem. These can be pants initially designed to be wide leg pants or have a wider cut in case of some ankle pants:

Courtesy of Google Images

However, often the new, wider hem can make pants look frompy and bulky. The hem ends up flopping around instead of fitting the leg nicely. This is why whenever you hem pants, fold the hem of the pants to see how they’ll look like after hemming. Then get a bobby pin and pinch the fabric on pants to see if they’ll look better tapered:

The pant leg width is usually tapered by taking a little bit of fabric off on each side or one side depending on the cut.

Tapering the width can be that little detail that makes or breaks the whole look of the pants, but somehow it’s not talked about at all! I’m all for fixing that 😊

I hope you enjoyed this week’s #TipTuesday!

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