TipTuesday #5: How to easily remove sticker glue residue from beauty product packaging

How to safely remove sticker glue residue from beauty products packaging without acetone and alcohol? Easy!

Hello and welcome to #TipTuesday! Every Tuesday I’m publishing a very short yet informative post about skin care, hair care, lifestyle, and beauty! Make sure you follow my blog so that you don’t miss out!

Today’s tip is about a very simple and safe way to remove sticker glue residue from beauty products (lipsticks, nailpolish, brushes, etc). This method works amazing on plastic surfaces, no acetone or alcohol required, plus offers cuticle benefits!

I often get this stubborn sticker glue residue on various beauty products, such as this Bourjois liquid lipstick:

The method I’ve come up with is very simple – coconut oil! Apply a pea size amount on the area with glue residue, rub it in for a few sec and then start rubbing with a cotton round:

After a minute of rubbing all glue residue is completely gone – the packaging now has mirror shine:

Besides, it’s good for nails and cuticles! I see all kinds of benefits here 😊 If you don’t have coconut oil, you can use other oil you have, even olive oil. I’ve tried several and so far coconut is my champion.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s #TipTuesday!

See you in my next post,


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Author: Alexandra @YouAndMeAndCupOfCoffee.com

Passionate researcher and writer. Coffee maniac. Pilates enthusiast. Makeup and skincare junkie. Occasionally - movie and book reviewer. Come join me on my quest!

20 thoughts on “TipTuesday #5: How to easily remove sticker glue residue from beauty product packaging”

      1. Yeah, it drives me nuts lol I’m so glad I have a solution to this now, though. πŸ˜„ Of course, I was happy to stop by! Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–

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  1. I’m always so frustrated when my products are sticky because of the sticker, I seriously have Milk Makeup products in my drawer which I don’t grab much because they’re still sticky and I hate it! This tip is amazing, thank you so much for sharing!

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    1. I’ve used nail polish remover before, but then it kind of ruined the look of one lipstick packaging (kind of made it dull looking, and I don’t really understand how and why it happened – it’s just plastic!), so I started looking for other solutions. Besides, I can’t stand the way nail polishes smell, so I try to use it only when necessary 😊
      Thank you for reading and commenting ❀️

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