TipTuesday #3: Concealer technique for covering dark circles

Today’s technique is about the most efficient yet very simple strategy to cover dark circles. It’ll be especially useful for people with mature skin and fine lines around the eyes. Let’s start!

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Today’s technique is about the most efficient yet very simple strategy to cover dark circles. It’ll be especially useful for people with mature skin and fine lines around the eyes. Let’s start!

I have intense dark circles at all times. It doesn’t depend on how much I sleep or anything else – it’s just my face. To make myself look rested I need only a tiny bit of concealer, but in a strategic places. The trick is to know where you need it and where – not so much.

The problem is that the most common makeup application techniques that are used, for instance, in mainstream media and by popular YouTubers, is applying concealer in a ︶ shape under the eye or V shape. This works beautifully for a full face of makeup or full glam or editorial makeup, because it helps highlight the middle of the face as a part of contouring (Kim Kardashian made this technique very popular back in the day). However, if you’re doing simple everyday makeup, it can be an unnecessary layer of pigment that’ll accentuate fine lines around the eyes.

Concealer is essentially a liquid pigment, which is much thicker than foundations. Like foundation, concealer doesn’t actually sink into the skin – it rather sits on top of it. This is why concealers crease so easily – because of the density of the product.

Everyone’s dark circles are different, so the trick is to figure out where you have the most darkness.

I’ve found pictures of these beautiful ladies on Unsplash.com (enlarge in a new tab by clicking on the picture):

There are three key areas where the darkness and discoloration appear:

  • the sides of the nose on the inner corner of the eyes
  • under the eyes
  • on the outer corner of the eye

For instance, on pictures 3 & 4 the girls’ dark circles are mainly on the sides of the nose, while the girl on picture 4 has dark inner corner and under eye area. The girl on picture 5 has darkness and discoloration in all these areas and the trick to ‘lifting’ her face would be to apply concealer on all of them, but in moderation – they aren’t intense. Girls on pictues 1 & 2 have a bit of darkness in the inner corner and under the eye.

Next time you apply concealer under and around the eyes, study this area of the face to see where you need the most concealer and which area will look perfect with foundation only.

For many people, the darkness in the inner corners is often more pronounced than the actual under eye dark circles. The area where the darkness and discoloration are often very mild is the area of ‘crow’s feet’, so try applying very minimal amount of concealer there or going with foundation only.

This tip has changed my everyday makeup application routine because I smile a lot during the day and every concealer creases on me, set or not. I love this technique because it means focusing on what my face ‘needs’ makeup-wise instead of going with commonly used makeup techniques. I’m convinced that every person and every face requires their own unique approach and very rare makeup techniques actually looks equally great on everyone.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s #TipTuesday!

See you in my next post,


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