Why So Many Women Want To Be Theatrical Romantic (and Soft Dramatic) Image ID: Kibbe System

Why so many women want to be Theatrical Romantic image identity in Kibbe system? A simple explanation

A million dollar question, but answer without thinking: which image ID in Kibbe system is the first that comes to mind when you think ‘sexy’? Chances are your answer is ‘Theatrical Romantic’ or ‘Soft Dramatic’. I think it’s important to reveal the reasons why this image identities are stereotypically considered as the most appealing ones in order to move on from these stereotypes. Let’s start!

*All women on the featured image are from the TR list approved by David Kibbe. left to right, top to bottom: Marilyn McCoo, Joan Collins, Morgan Fairchild, Ann-Margret, Vivien Leigh, Morgan Brittany.

Before I begin, let me premise this post by saying that I’m not a Kibbe system expert. I am a passionate researcher and the goal of my posts about Metamorphosis is to share my understanding of the system with those who is interested about learning and using it. Since David Kibbe doesn’t certify or officially approves anyone to practice his system, it goes without saying that the only expert is he himself when it comes to typing other people and theory behind his system. Besides, everyone interested in his system can become their own personal experts and use this system. You are free to study his system any way you prefer, but it’s my duty as Kibbe’s system researcher to let you know that there’s a Facebook group called ‘Strictly Kibbe’ where David Kibbe himself explains his system. I’m simply informing you about it and if you choose to join it, there’s no way of knowing if your expectations will be met. In my posts about Kibbe’s image identities (aka Metamorphosis) I follow the theory David Kibbe highlighs in his book Metamorphosis (1987) the way I understand it. My goal is to share my own findings with everyone who wants to learn and use this system. I don’t offer typings (goes without saying – the reason mentioned above) and always make sure that whatever I post goes in line with how David Kibbe himself presents his system. David Kibbe Website.

Of course, we all understand that the image identity doesn’t have anything to do with sex appeal or beauty. None of the image identities are prettier that others and the fact that a person belongs to a specific image identity that is stereotypically – and mistakenly! – considered ‘the most beautiful’ makes that person more beautiful than anyone else. The whole point of Kibbe’s Metamorphosis is to celebrate everyone’s unique features, determine their Yin-Tang balance and then apply this knowledge when choosing outfits, hairstyle, accessories, etc.

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In my opinion, the reasons why Theatrical Romantic and less so, but still, Soft Dramatic are considered the sexiest are twofold:

1.The Names of These Image Identities

Theatrical Romantic, ‘Femme Fatale Chic’

In Kibbe system, extra Yang is usually described by words ‘flamboyant’ or ‘dramatic’, however a Romantic with a slight Yang undercurrent has gotten a fancier descriptor – ‘theatrical’. What associations do we have with theater? Glamour, beauty, popularity, chic, fashion, icons, style, attraction, crowds of fans, exquisite garments and jewelry – almost fairytale. The term ‘femme fatale’, ‘sometimes called a maneater or vamp, is a stock character of a mysterious, beautiful, and seductive woman whose charms ensnare her lovers, often leading them into compromising, deadly traps’ – that’s just from Wikipedia. So overall we’re getting an image of an extremely attractive, alluring woman, who is seductive and knows how to use it, and can easily charm anyone. This is an attractive image in itself, and many women wouldn’t reject an opportunity to be such a character, same as many men want to be James Bond. Sex appeal and glamour with a smidgen of danger.

I think Romantic with a Yang undercurrent got a different descriptor because ‘Dramatic Romantic’ woudl sound like an oxymoron, while ‘Flamboyant Romantic’ wouldn’t make sense either since Romantic already means extreme Yin – just doesn’t sound right. Only David Kibbe himself could tell why Theatrical Romantic got ‘Theatrical’ to describe that Yang undercurrent, but I’m sure it wasn’t chosen to favor TR over other image IDs.

Soft Dramatic, ‘Diva Chic’

Dramatic means extreme Yang, which, as many mistakenly think, is less attractive than extreme Yin. Okay, then we add ‘soft’ – that’s a lot of Yin, curvy hourglass. The word ‘diva’ refers to an extremely talented singer, especially in opera, but as a broader term a woman with outstanding regal qualities and talents. Same as with TR, SD descriptors have a lot of appeal. ‘Diva Chic’ sounds much more attractive than ‘Girl Next Door’ right? Rhetorical question, of course. Nothing is better for you than being you!

2.Celebrity Examples

Celebrities that represent these image identities are often in ‘the sexiest’ lists. Monica Bellucci (SD), Sophia Loren (SD), Joan Collins (TR) – the list goes on. Somehow we forget about other ‘the sexiest’ celebrities in other image identities, such as the icon of the1990s Sharon Stone (FN), Angelina Jolie (FN), Marylin Monroe (R), Halle Berry (SG), Elizabeth Taylor (R), Brigitte Bardot (SG), Linda Evangelista (D) – the list goes on.

But! What we truly forget is that sex appeal is a subjective descriptor. For instance, I might think Scarlett Johansson (SN) isn’t sexy at all, but many, many people would be happy to hang a poster of hers on the wall at home.

The best thing is that it doesn’t matter what I think – it matters only what you think. We are often told by magazines and various programs what’s sexy and what’s not, but how often do we actually think what we find sexy? I’d highly recommend this simple exercise for you – you’ll be surprised how much your own perception of beauty differs from the one we’re being pressured by the media to have.

3.Hourglass Shape

Oh the hourglass… It’s like a beacon of stereotypes about female beauty. The alleged ‘standard’ of female body. Waspish waist, voluptuous breasts and hips, long neck, plump lips, oval face, delicate arms and feet, long fingers, small nose, small ears, high cheekbones… darn it, where does the list end? I know where it ends – where we put an end to it and simply stop believing it. The truth is that attraction doesn’t depend on the shape.

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Wanting to be any image identity can be an obstacle to finding your real image identity

Determining image identity can be more difficult if a person prefers certain image identities already. It can be caused by anything, such as liking the styles of clothing that are commonly considered to characterize those image identities, or the description of image identity essence. This can be an obstacle to learning to see one’s features clearly. This is why it’s always best to put your features first, defining your Yin – Yang balance, and then, naturally, image identity can be determined.

Overall, image identity is much easier to determine if you don’t have any preconceptions about image identities.

Every image identity is a kind of feminine beauty and they simply mark specific types of Yin-Yang balance.

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See you in my next post,


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