Beauty Brand Tag // My Makeup Aesthetics, Brand Loyalty, Consumerism, Choice Fatique

Beauty brand tag: makeup aesthetics, brand loyalty, choice fatique

I’ve stumbled upon a post by Floating in Dreams answering this tag and decided to do it too because the questions are just so darn interesting! It was really fascinating to think of the brands that represent my current makeup aesthetics, brand loyalty, consumerism in beauty, and ‘choice fatique’. You’re welcome to do this tag too!

The credit for this tag, according to the Floating in Dreams post, goes to Tara Brooke. Let’s start!

1. Think back to when you first started your makeup collection: Are there any brands you used then, that you still use today?

Yes! The first brands I’ve ever used were Maybelline, Milani, Clinique, e.l.f., NYX, L’Oreal, and Wet’n’Wild. I still use almost all those brands today too.

2. Follow-up: Which brands have you moved on from?

NYX. I feel like their new releases haven’t been as interesting as the releases of other brands. They got really popular at one point riding the wave of liquid lipsticks, but other brands offer so much more value for the money (e.g. Essence lipsticks or theBalm and Bourjois liquid lipsticks). I didn’t like their original soft matte lip creams either – they were too drying for me and I ended up giving them all (5) away.

3. Are there any brands you thought were so expensive that you’d never buy anything from them – but now consider at least one of their products to be a holy grail? If so, which brand and which product?

No, not really. I have more holy grail products in skincare than makeup (e.g. Etude House Moistfull line). As for makeup, it just so happens that I fall in love more with mid-range brands and budget-friendly products than luxury or high-end. Maybe just haven’t tried anything super expensive that I’d love yet.

4. What is a popular brand that you’ve never tried and don’t think you ever will? Why?

Urban Decay (nothing that blows my mind really), Kat Von D (because of the brand creator herself, even though she’s supposedly not associated with it anymore), Too Faced (too many fragranced products, pretty average quality productsfor the price, too much ‘cutesy’ stuff that I’m just not into).

5. What brand perfectly encapsulates your current makeup aesthetic? Explain.

The hardest question to answer! Just from the way I am focused only on quality – not specific brands or price. I’m focused on minimizing the amount of makeup I’m buying and before every purchase, so I guess my kind of brand is the brand that gives me the value I expect for my money. I like Flower Cosmetics because of their simple packaging and good quality.

6. Are there any brands you haven’t wanted to try purely because you don’t like their packaging?

Glossier – somehow too trendy, too ‘try hard to look minimalistic’ look. Their marketing strategy is brilliant and I think this brand deserves all the respect for putting customers first and being 100% cruelty-free. Just not for me.

7. Is there a brand you’ve only tried because their packaging lured you in? If so, were you happy with the actual product?

Yep, YSL lipstick, a true red in cream finish (square tube). It is pretty good, very creamy, and I love the scent, but I have other lipsticks I reach for more often.

8. Some would say drugstore and midrange prices are starting to overlap. What drugstore beauty brands are guilty of making this happen and what are your thoughts on rising drugstore makeup prices?

The first brand I thought about is Maybelline hyping the prices up for their collaborations (e.g. with Gigi Hadid), but it’s understandable – they have to pay celebs they are working with. L’Oreal prices have been slowly but surely crawling up in recent years. I actually think it’s a good thing, because there are brands and always will be brands that will offer good quality at low prices. As some brands increase their prices, other brands take their spot in the market and still offer good deals. The more options we’ve got as consumers, the better!

9. With anti-consumerism and an “eat the rich” mentality starting to take hold in the YouTube beauty space, are there any brands you still feel a loyalty towards? If so, why?

No, not at all! Brands have to fight for consumers’ love and loyalty. I might be loyal to specific shoe manufacturers or skincare producers (because they fit my skin especially well), but makeup – nope. There are too many substitutes out there, and always something new and better coming out, so I don’t feel especially attached to any specific brand.

10. Have you ever felt betrayed by a brand? If so, what happened?

I don’t care about beauty brands that much to experience such strong feelings, but I was pretty disappointed that Wet’n’Wild has discontinued the Color Icon bronzers (I mentioned it in my Makeup Favorites I’ll Repurchase Forever) – I know they’ve launched Color Icon bronzers in new square packaging, but I see a lot of reviews saying that the formula is different, so I don’t feel like purchasing them 😞.

I always, however, feel betrayed and disappointed when fragrance companies reformulate or discontinue my favorite fragrances! This is what makes my blood boil and at the same time makes me want to cry – I’m deeply passionate about perfumes.

11. Are there any brands that you feel give off “exclusivity vibes”, making you you feel like you aren’t “cool”, “rich”, or “pretty” enough to buy from? If so, which brand and why?

OMG none! I think nobody should ever feel this way because it’s horrible. Actually, nothing and nobody should ever make anyone feel not good enough. It’s brands that have to be intimidated by our high expectations – not us! Next question!

12. What’s worse- “choice fatigue” (exhaustion from too many makeup releases) or a lackluster quarterly launch from a brand you’re typically excited about?

Both. I feel like all these releases and launched has gradually made less and less excited about it, and eventually I stopped caring. I only buy beauty products I’m genuinely interested in and need and at this point couldn’t care less about new releases. I sometimes go to Sephora to try new products, see the packaging (Fenty Beauty has been a real eye candy in recent year for me), but I have to be really excited to buy it. Besides, the longer the product is on the market, the more reviews I can browse to make sure I’m not purchasing some rubbish.

13. Have brand trips or sponsored videos ever made you actually interested in a product/beauty launch the brand was promoting?

No, never. To me it’s always about putting influencer’s face on a brand to make the brand products more appealing. I’ve stopped watching beauty YouTubers (I talked about it in this post, so I couldn’t care less. Adding an influencer to a product doesn’t make the product any better.

14. Are there any indie brands you hope to see sold at Ulta or Sephora in the future?

Kosas brand looks very interesting!

15. If you could give any beauty brand a rebranding, which brand would it be and what elements of the brand would you modify?

L’Oreal. I think their packaging doesn’t correspond with their price range. If they want to charge higher prices, they should at least give consumers more luxurious packaging -maybe more sturdy, with print and writing that doesn’t fade over time, etc. Their lipsticks are bomb (I mean classic golden packages), yet the packaging is worse than the packaging of the Wet’n’Wild’s Megalast lipsticks (original round ones) – the plastic is too thin! I think if they’d amp up the packaging I’d be willing to pay a bit more, because the products inside are usually very good quality. Not to mention, L’Oreal has all the money to do it – they own a bunch of brands, such as Maybelline, Lancome, Kiehl’s, Shu Uemura, and Urban Decay among others.

What would your answers to these compelling questions be? I am incredibly curious and invite everyone who reads to do this tag!

See you in my next post,


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