Golden Oldie: e.l.f. Mad For Matte Palette Review

Golden Oldie: e.l.f. Mad For Matte Palette. When Nostalgia Hits. My favorite all-matte eyeshadow palette that I just can’t get myself to throw away.

I sometimes go through my makeup boxes and drawers to declutter what I no longer use and when it comes to this palette, I know for sure I wouldn’t dare to throw it away. I don’t do full eyeshadow looks that often (my go-to is just bronzer in the crease), but when I do, I always reach for this palette. It’s got basically all matte eyeshadow colors I need, from very light peachy color to black. I’ve decided to dedicate a post to this beautiful little guy – one of the most valued makeup items I have.

This exact palette isn’t available on e.l.f. website anymore, but there are 5 palettes in the ‘Mad For Matte’ eyeshadow palette line and ‘Nude Mood’ is probably the closest one in terms of the colors. Mine is the original ‘Mad For Matte’ palette.

I am usually very good when it comes to throwing away makeup that’s past its expiration date and don’t wait until they start changing scent or texture, but sometimes I keep powder products longer that I’m supposed to if they are my absolute favorites and it just hurts me to think of tossing them! This product is unscented, but I watch out for the changes in texture and always thoroughly wash my hands and brushes when using it to ensure the palette stays clean. At the same time, this is my own decision and I think makeup should be replaced when due – see this article here to see how often and please be safe ♡

The packaging remains the same for this eyeshadow palette line – it’s a very sturdy plastic case that doesn’t really collect fingerprints and isn’t scratched easily:

The palette has a reliable lock, but it’s easy to open. The palette has a very good mirror inside and no brushes (I appreciate that a lot because the brushes usually aren’t any good and brush trays usually only take up more space, making the palettes more bulky):

The lightest shades are almost invisible on my skin, but the whole palette swatches very nicely (swiped twice in the pan with my finger and then swiped twice once on the skin):

I have quite oily eyelids, so I usually use a primer, and these shadows hold very well. I also use an angled brush to apply the charcoal eyeshadow (far right) as an eyeliner. The eyeshadows aren’t dusty during application and are easy to work with. I also used many different brushes with these shadows and they work well with all of them.

Back when I bought this palette, I remember watching this tutorial – it shows how good this palette is in action.

For $10 this palette was an awesome purchase for me and it still works! I love how sleek the packaging is and the quality of eyeshadows is great. I always take it with me when I travel because the shadows aren’t soft and the pans are secure in the case – never had an issue with it breaking or crumbling. The shade range is versatile because it’s got both warm and cool tone shadows, two light ones, and a deep charcoal.

Do you have makeup items that you’ve had for quite a while and have the hardest time decluttering them (or couldn’t even think of throwing them away)? What are your favorites from e.l.f? Have you ever tried this palette? I’d love to hear from you in the comments 💕

See you in my next post,


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Author: Alexandra

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8 thoughts on “Golden Oldie: e.l.f. Mad For Matte Palette Review”

  1. Elf is a brand which is not available at my place and I so want to try them..
    I am a hoarder…I don’t use product past expiry or near expiry…I even check the texture color smell.etx too…but if it’s my absolute favourite or any luxury product I don’t throw…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comment ♥ Their products are sometimes amazing! Besides, they are cruelty free, which is another advantage. Takes a bit of time to go through online reviews to find a good product (like with any brand I suppose), but for the price it’s worth it. I hope you’ll be able to try them out someday!


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