ETUDE HOUSE Moistfull Collagen Facial Toner Review And Full Ingredient Analysis

ETUDE HOUSE Moistfull Collagen Facial Toner Review And Full Ingredient Analysis. Review for combination and sensitive skin after 6 months of use

It’s finally time to devote a post to this toner from my favorite K-beauty skincare line – ETUDE HOUSE Moistfull Collagen Facial Toner. As you might know from my post about 5 game-changing skin care strategies, toner is an absolute must-have item in my skin care routine. This kind of toner is meant to hydrate the skin and help other products that go on top penetrate the skin better. In this review I’ll tell you about my experience after using this toner for around 6 months and describe what each ingredient in this product is there for. Let’s start!

Right away, let me tell you my skin type and main concerns. I’m in my late 20s and my skin type is combination. My T-zone is normal to oily and my cheeks and chin are normal to dry. As a rule, the oiliness of my T-zone is aggravated by certain foundations, skincare products, and in the summer, but even then it’s just a bit of shine, so I wouldn’t call it oily. The cheeks and chin are usually normal to dry (sometimes very dry, especially during the colder months). I am allergic to some artifical colorants and fragrance in skincare products – usually my skin gets itchy and flare up, more rarely I can get rash.

What I want from a toner: a good toner has to work well helping my moisturizer and eye cream to absorb, I also expect the toner to be lightweight and not too sticky. It also goes without saying that I expect a toner to be mild on the skin and not cause any irritation and allergy.

ETUDE HOUSE Moistfull Collagen Facial Toner Review

The product promises to “make skin full of firming moisture and feeling bouncy” (Etude House website). The major promise of this product is hydration – just what I need. It’s also meant to be the first step of a moisturizing routine before essence, emulsion, eye cream, and face cream.

Price: $19.94 on Amazon and $14.93 on Jolse (I’ve ordered from them twice so far: unboxing #1, #2)

Used for: 6 months, usually twice a day, but sometimes skipped it or used other toner (samples)

Packaging: sturdy plastic bottle. My version is old, you can see the new version on the official website of Etude House. I like my bottle because I can see how much of the toner is left. The toner came in a carton box, but mine is long gone. Here’s the bottle and the info on the bottle:

Texture and consistency: watery, smooth, a bit gel-like (several ingredients in this product create this texture, such as natural and organic xantan and cellulose gums). The toner is completely clear:

Scent: very mild, pleasant scent that all the products in this line have (not too floral or fruity, just a skincare product kind of scent). At the same time, the scent of this toner is stronger than the scent of the Etude House Moistfull Emulsion (stay tuned for a full review of that product too!).

ETUDE HOUSE Moistfull Collagen Facial Toner Review Full Ingredient List Review

WATER – self-explanatory
HYDROLYZED COLLAGEN – improves skin texture, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, acne scars, and skin elasticity (source). In this particular product the collagen is derived from fish (see official website of Etude House)
GLYCERIN – non-toxic ingredient that moisturizes and softens the skin
PROPANEDIOL – natural alternative to propylene glycol, acts as a solvent and humectant, prevents water loss and is safe for acne-prone skin (source)
ALCOHOL DENAT. – helps skin care products feel lighter, helps other ingredients penetrate skin better, and works as a preservative, but in high concentrations can deteriorate protective barrier of the skin, cause irritation and dryness, also stimulates oil production
BETAINE –  ingredient that helps skin adapt to moisture losses and gains, essentially working to balance skin’s hydration, according to Paula’s Choice
1,2-HEXANEDIOL – safe preservative and moisture-binding humectant
BUTYLENE GLYCOL – conditioning agent and humectant that maintains the moisture in the skin by covering cells
GLYCERYL POLYMETHACRYLATE – creates a film on the skin to prevent moisture loss, generally considered safe (source)
PPG-13-DECYLTETRADECETH-24 – emulsifying, cleansing surfactant ingredient
XANTHAN GUM – organic ingredient that gives skin care products thicker, smoother texture and is thought to provide moisturizing effects for the skin because it’s a carrier agent for active skin care ingredients
CELLULOSE GUM – organic ingredient, thickener, and film-forming ingredient, generally considered safe
ETHYLHEXYLGLYCERIN – synthetic skin-softening agent also used as a preservative, a carrier, or suspending agent for other preservatives (source). This ingredient is generally considered a safe alternative to parabens (source)
DISODIUM EDTA – protects the consistency of the product, generally considered safe because it’s not well absorbed by the skin
FRAGRANCE / PARFUM – fragrance to mask the scent of the product and/or create a pleasant scent, common irritant
BETA-GLUCAN – very effective hydrating ingredient, boosts skin barrier, smooths skin, antioxidant (source). In chemical terms, “polysaccharide sugar derived from yeast or oats. It has some antioxidant properties and is a skin-soothing agent. Beta-glucan is considered an excellent ingredient for improving the look of redness and other signs of sensitive skin” (info from Paula’s Choice).
HYDROLYZED LUPINE PROTEIN – plant-derived protein with anti-aging effects
TOCOPHEROL – a form of Vitamin E derived from vegetable oils, commonly used for its antioxidant properties, also prevents scarring, and reduces the signs of aging (source)

As you can see, there are many hydrating ingredients in this toner, no parabens, colorants, silicones, and mineral oils. Many of the ingredients are natural and organic. At the same time, I include this ingredient list here because even the most natural and safe ingredients can trigger allergies. As for me, I am sometimes allergic to fragrance in skin care products, but I didn’t have any irritation with this one. The toner also contains alcohol denat. which is a big ‘no-no’ for many skin care product buyers. To me it depends – if a product doesn’t irritate my skin in the long run, then the concentration of alcohol denat. is probably low enough not to cause any noticable damage. It’s only up to you to decide – my task here is just to inform you.

Effect: I’m very pleased with this toner. I need not more than a 1-1.5 pea size amount for the whole face and it noticeably enhances the effect of other skin care products I apply on top. I’ve used this toner with other products from this line (such as face cream and the Etude House Moistfull Eye Cream) as well with other creams, such as Scinic Snail Matrix cream and Guerisson 9 Complex cream and it worked just as well. As a rule, I apply this toner with my fingers (I’m trying to keep the use of cotton pads to a minimum as a part of my waste reduction strategy) right after cleansing the skin and pat drying it.

Would I Repurchase? I think so. I’m occasionally trying samples of other toners and by far none of them has impressed me enough to make me want to swap this one.

Do you use toners in your skin care routine? Have you tried this toner and if so, what is your opinion about it? I’d love to know!

As always, thank you for reading and I’m looking forward to reading and responding to your comments 

See you in my next post,


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