Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel Mist Review & Ingredients

Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel Mist Review. Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel Mist full ingredient list review

Time to review another aloe vera product, this time the Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel Mist. Mists and sprays can be an excellent addition to the skincare routine and help maintain the skin moisturized and nourished throughout the day. This specific product has helped me a lot during the colder months because heating makes the air very dry and the skin requires more care apart from morning and evening skincare routine. My skin is combination and very sensitive, so I often use aloe vera-based products, such as Missha Aloe Gel I’ve posted about recently. I also will talk in-depth about all the ingredients of this product to make sure that it doesn’t contain anything that can potentially dry or irritate the skin. Let’s start the review!

What I expect from aloe vera gel mist? Moisturizing effect, calming effect and calming effect throughout the day – can’t say I expect anything groundbreaking. For groundbreaking results I usually use aloe vera gel. Just posted about the 12 common and not-so-common ways I use aloe vera gel – make sure to check it out!

What the product promises: soothing, hydrating effect. Prevents wrinkles by increasing the skins collagen production while increasing skin elasticity. Main promises of the product are based on the effects of aloe vera extract overall.

Price: I ordered mine from for $9.54. If you order there, make sure to use the discount by applying someone’s code (if you don’t have anyone’s code, you can use mine ACY6633, but keep in mind that the holder of the code receives a percentage from the amount of order, so it’s always better to cooperate with a friend or relative 😊).

Packaging: plastic spray bottle. The mist is fine and the spray works very well, no complaints here


Unlike the Missha aloe gel, this Nature Republic aloe gel mist does contain alcohol (click on the image to enlarge it in a new tab):

Let’s consider each ingredient in this product:

Aloe barbadensis leaf extract (92%) – self-explanatory
alcohol – solvent, masking, viscosity controlling, antifoaming agent, antimicrobial, astringent ingredient, see more info in the end of this section
glyceryl polyacrylate – chemical compound derived from glycerin. It is used in cosmetics and personal care products as an ingredient that dries to form a thin coating on the skin (source)
dipropylene glycol – solvent and viscosity decreasing agent
butylene glycol – conditioning agent and humectant that maintains the moisture in the skin by covering cells
glycerin – non-toxic ingredient that moisturizes and softens the skin
propylene glycol –  additive to aid in the processing of foods and improve their texture, flavor, appearance and shelf life, accodring to Healthline
1,2-hexanediol – safe preservative and moisture-binding humectant
polyglutamic acid – absolutely safe naturally-occurring biopolymer often produced with fermentation of Bacillus subtilis (B.subtilis) bacteria that hydrates and nourishes the skin, can be successfully combined with hyaluronic acid (read more here)
betaine – ingredient that helps skin adapt to moisture losses and gains, essentially working to balance skin’s hydration, according to Paula’s Choice
sodium hyaluronate – salt of hyaluronic acid, wrinkle reducer, helps make the skin more plump and moisturized. This compound is even more easily absorbed into the skin than hyaluronic acid
calendula officinalis flower extract – extract of the plant marigold, antioxidant
mentha viridi (spearmint) extract – astringent, soothing, cooling and smoothing
melissa officinalis extract – purifying, soothing, and antimicrobial ingredient
carbomer – safe thickening & emulsifying agent
peg-60 hydrogenated castor oil – safe surfactant: it helps water mix with oil and dirt so that they can be rinsed away, leaving skin and hair clean
polyester-5 – synthetic film-forming and viscosity controlling ingredient
polyquaternium-51 – skin conditioning agent that is used to add moisturizing properties to formula
triethanolamine – commonly used surfaectant (helps mix water-soluble and oil-soluble ingredients) and pH adjustment agent, according to SkinCharisma has camedogenic risk
phenoxyethanol – stabilizer
water – self-explanatory
parfum – fragrance to mask the scent of the product and/or create a pleasant scent
disodium EDTA – protects the consistency of the product, generally considered safe because it’s not well absorbed by the skin

The ingredients in cosmetics products are usually listed from those that have the most amount in the product to those with the smallest amounts. This means that alcohol is the second largest compound of the formula of this mist after aloe vera leaf extract. To be fair, the amount of aloe barbadensis leaf extract is 92%, so the amount of alcohol is definitely lower than 8% of the overall product, given that there are also all these other ingredients. The addition of alcohol in this formula also helps the product dry on the skin quickly after spraying, while all the other moisturizing ingredients (probably) combat the drying and irritating effect of alcohol.

Overall, the ingredient list isn’t ideal – it contains some questionable chemical compounds, which is why I thought it was important to review the full ingredient list for Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel Mist in the first place. This product is marketed as good for sensitive and dry skin and it’s definitely worth it to do the research in order to prevent future skin issues.

Scent, Effect, & My Review After  ~9 Months Of Use

Texture: basically if aloe vera gel was mixed with water – lightweight yet not sticky colorless liquid

Scent: if you’ve ever used aloe products, you know that fresh cucumber-like cosmetic scent. I’d say it’s pretty pleasant and isn’t overwhelming at all

Effect: I’ve used this mist for around 9 months, but not every day. I’ve used it during the day whenever I felt that my skin needed that additional moisture, and I can’t say that this product failed to provide it. I’ve noticed that several ingredients in the ingredient list of this mist are film-forming, which I definitely felt. Aloe extract itself and glycerin-like ingredients give a distinct feeling of a thin layer of product on the skin even after it is completely dry. However, it’s not sticky or unpleasant – it’s rather a thin layer that keeps the skin moisturized. As I’ve mentioned a million times before, my skin is very sensitive and I get breakouts very quickly after it’s exposed to harsh ingredients (like some fragrances) – didn’t happen with this product. A nice bonus of this product for me is that it didn’t disturb my makeup at all, but on the contrary made it look fresher. I find that it’s quite convenient to take it with me especially in the summer and refresh my face during the day once or twice.

Read more: 12 Common and Not-So-Common Ways I Use Aloe Vera Gels

Overall, a good hydrating mist to have, but not an absolute ‘must’ – in my experience, a powerful hydrating essence used twice a day makes this product less of a necessity. Since I’ve changed my skincare routine and started using products that suit me best, I find that my skin has become much more stable in terms of moisture during the day, so now I rarely feel the need to use this mist.

Would I repurchase? I don’t think so – I’d rather try something new out. That being said, it’s a good product that does it job, so there’s no reason for me to not say that it’s not worth it.

Have you tried mists? As always, I’m very curious to know to know your thoughts!

See you in my next post,


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