White Chocolate Cookies. My Absolute Favorite 20min Recipe!

A simple 20min (preparations+baking) recipe of awesome chewy white chocolate cookies. Only 6 simple ingredients, a little bit of mixing, and you’ve got awesome tasty cookies that maintain that white chocolate taste. Perfect with a cup of coffee!

As you might have guessed from the name of my blog, I love love love coffee! I’d like to make a small number of posts about my favorite desserts to have with coffee and this is the first post in this series. I also happen to love baking – it’s like meditation to me in a way. I love experimenting and just focusing on the ingredients whenever I feel like it. The recipes I usually make range from very time-consuming to literally 20-minute ones, and these cookies belong in this second category. I’ll describe all the details and guide you through the process, so let’s start!

First let me show you how the cookies turn out:

These cookies are chewy, but at the same time they are very airy and have that ‘melt in your mouth’ texture. The edge of these cookies is crispy, while inside they are soft and chewy. I’ve been looking for a long time for a recipe of cookies that includes not simply white chocolate chips, but are based on white chocolate and still taste like white chocolate – and this is it!

For 15-18 cookies you’ll need:

100g (3.5oz) tasty white chocolate (choose good chocolate because cheap white chocolate with palm oil won’t taste the same)
80g (2.8oz) of brown sugar (or white sugar – whatever you have or prefer, besides you can adjust the amount of sugar according to your own taste – to my taste 80g is just right and not too sweet – it’s similar to the level of sweetness of white chocolate)
0.5tsp baking powder
25g (0.88oz) unsalted butter
a pinch of salt
80g (2.8oz) premium wheat flour (the quality of flour varies, so you might need to add less or more to get the right consistency)

How I usually tell if white chocolate is good? In my experience, the best tasting white chocolate contains these ingredients: sugar, cocoa butter, skimmed milk powder, whey powder, butterfat, emulsifier (soy lecithin), flavoring (vanilla extract). I never buy any chocolate that contains coconut oil or palm kernel oil.

Preparations won’t take long, so set your oven to preheat to 180C or 350F. Cover an oven tray with baking paper (there will be 2 batches, so you can prepare two trays if you have them or just let the second batch wait a little for its turn)

1.Put the unsalted butter and broken into small pieces white chocolate in a saucepan. Melt on low heat while mixing until you get a smooth creamy chocolate & butter mixture. Put aside to cool

2.Sift the flour into a small bowl and mix the baking powder and salt into it. Put aside for now

3.In a large bowl, beat an egg with sugar until increased in size and fluffy. If you’re using a hand mixer, it’ll take around 3-5 min on maximum speed and a bit longer if by hand. A good indicator that the egg and sugar are ready: you’ll see that almost all sugar crystals are dissolved

4.Add the butter & chocolate mixture into the bowl with eggs & sugar and mix everything until combined with a spatula or hand mixer

5.Add the mixture of flour, baking powder, and salt, into the bowl and mix with a spatula until combined.

The consistency of dough that you’re looking for is very thick and sticky. It will cling to the spatula and will be hard to mix, however it won’t be as thick as the regular cookie dough, which doesn’t stick to fingers and can be molded into different shapes – this dough is a little bit softer.

6. To form cookies, I usually wet my hands a tiny bit and form balls the size of a walnut. The dough is very sticky thanks to the white chocolate, so after every 2-3 cookies I’ll rinse my hands again. Alternatively, you can use two teaspoons to take lumps of dough and put them directly on the tray – they won’t be too uniform in shape, but still will turn out great. Place the cookies 7-10cm (3-4inches) apart from one another – the dough will melt and then expand in the oven.

7.Bake the cookies for 12-15min on the regular setting for pastry on the middle shelf of the oven (conventional heating setting, no fan). Check on the cookies regularly – when they develop those small cracks and you’ll see a little bit of browning on the sides, you can take them out. Be careful! The cookies are very fragile right from the oven, so let them cool off on the tray. The cookies will stick to the baking paper when warm, so let them cool off completely before moving them. You can prepare the second batch meanwhile.

8.Once the cookies have completely cooled off, they’ll easily come off the baking paper. I store these cookies in a closed container.

The bottom of the cookies will have nice caramel color:

On the inside, the cookies will remain soft and chewy:

Hope you enjoyed this unusual for my blog post!

What is your favorite simple cookie recipe? I’d love it if you’d share it in the comments ❤️


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P.P.S. Stay tuned for a recipe of the most purrrrrfect super dark chocolate cracked brownie cookies! 😋

Author: Alexandra @YouAndMeAndCupOfCoffee.com

Passionate researcher and writer. Coffee maniac. Pilates enthusiast. Makeup and skincare junkie. Occasionally - movie and book reviewer. Come join me on my quest!

4 thoughts on “White Chocolate Cookies. My Absolute Favorite 20min Recipe!”

    1. I love white chocolate as well, but the majority of the recipes of white chocolate cookies are simply about cookies with white chocolate chips. Really overlooked ingredient for sure! I wish you the tastiest result ever – hope she’ll love them! I tried to describe the recipe in all detail, but if I missed anything, ask away – I’ll be happy to help ❤️!

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