Using Vibe In Kibbe System: 5 Reasons Why It’s Baloney

Does vibe work in Kibbe’s system? No, it doesn’t work and here are 5 reasons why. No bull

‘Vibe’ has to be one of the most confusing myths about David Kibbe’s Metamorphosis. If your ultimate goal is to determine your Kibbe image identity (mistakenly referred to as ‘body type’), this post is exactly for you. I think it’s necessary to use common sense (which, unfortunately, isn’t that common at all) and bust another BS myth about Kibbe’s system – all this notion about how every image has a ‘vibe’ that can help you somehow. Let’s start!

I’ve learned about Kibbe’s system myself and I think anyone can do it to a point when they can use it, but the trick is to get the right info and from the right source. Self-proclaimed ‘experts’ and those who type by pictures online aren’t that kind of source and can confuse instead of helping. And just to be clear: I’m not an expert, but a passionate researcher. My posts about Kibbe’s system reflect my understanding of it and my goal is to discuss David Kibbe’s system how he presents it. If you successfully use someone else’s representation of Kibbe’s system, its great! However, I don’t discuss anyone’s ‘version’ of this system – I only talk about the original.

So what is vibe? Google defines it as follows:

a person’s emotional state or the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others.

What do we make of it? Vibe is a certain feeling channeled by a person. So here we’re almost going into the field of intuition and things that aren’t that easy to explain.

In my experience, Kibbe’s system isn’t about that at all – it’s actually pretty easy to explain, even through its basic concepts of Yin and Yang. These things are visible – they aren’t some vague concepts at all. If there’s one thing I get from David Kibbe’s writing, it’s that he’s never vague. Sure, he might be writing ‘in images’ instead of trying to explain everything in detail like a scientific research paper, but his writing reflects his system very well – you just have to learn to see things as per his teaching and that’s it.

Why exactly vibe doesn’t have anything to do with Kibbe’s system:

1.Vibe is individual for each person – there can’t be only a dozen vibes out there. The first and foremost thing that Kibbe celebrates is individuality. In my opinion, it is simply offensive to even consider that two people that share the same image identity have same vibe – it completely rejects the idea that Kibbe has built his system upon. Moreover, it perpetuates the idea that there are large groups of women who share the same vibe. Oh my goodness! Isn’t that just another attempt to create’molds’ that are designed for women to fit it? Ladies, it’s time to realize that each and every one of us has her own unique vibe, which comes from our personalities, and that every one of us is precious. Let’s roll with this instead of ‘standardized vibes’

2.Vibe can change. A vibe isn’t something like a still image – it changes. Today I’ve made white chocolate cookies and they turned out to be really good, so now I’m probably communicating good vibe. If they’d turn out not that good, I’d probably channel a completely different kind of energy. It’s simply silly to assume that the vibe remains the same and stable enough to actually use it to determine image ID

3.Relying on celebrity vibe examples is even more nonsensical. I agree – celebrities can serve as examples (like for my post about Yin and Yang) because their images are so accessible and because a lot of people know them. However, when it comes to vibe, we have to stop for a moment and remind ourselves that celebrities usually put a persona on when they are in public (you’d do it too – to protect yourself from negativity & the media tearing you down). And when it comes to actors – well, multiply it by a 100.

4.Vibe is subjective. The vibe you get from a person may be different from what someone else gets from that person – it’s a given. This is why you like spending time with certain people and feel not so good about spending time with other people. Another good example is YouTube – you certainly can have your favorite creators and your friends won’t share your preferences because they dislike that YouTuber. Even if you’ve never met someone and only seen them on pictures and in videos, you’ll get different vibe from them than someone else. Your own judgement of vibe is based on your own feelings and Kibbe’s system isn’t based on subjective judgements – if it would be this way, it wouldn’t work.

5. Clothes, hair, and makeup can affect the vibe. If you’re looking at someone, you probably get their vibe not only from their face, but from their outfit, accessories, hairstyle, and makeup. Let’s take a look at the queen of transformation and style Rihanna (sorry, Beyonce, but there’s only one queen in my heart and it is the gorgeous RiRi, my ultimate girl crush):

Fierce goddess vs gentle elegant lady – both equally gorgeous, but different vibes and it’s the same person

Long Story Short

If you want to use the Kibbe system (for whatever reason – shop easier or as a part of self-discovery journey), vibe isn’t something worthy of attention. The vibe might be a good tool to find out who you like in real life or not, but when it comes to Kibbe’s system it doesn’t have a chance as a practical tool.

There’s no need to make Kibbe’s system more complicated than it is by debating vibes and other vague concepts – that’s as far from the original Kibbe’s system as it goes.

See you in my next post,


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Author: Alexandra

Passionate researcher and writer. Coffee maniac. Pilates enthusiast. Makeup and skincare junkie. Occasionally - movie and book reviewer. Come join me on my quest!

2 thoughts on “Using Vibe In Kibbe System: 5 Reasons Why It’s Baloney”

    1. After watching videos of her performing (especially alongside others), seeing photos, and then her in the movie Ocean’s 8, I don’t see any other image identity than a Soft Dramatic as a possibility for her. She is certainly tall, which gives her a lot of Yang, but then her shape is a distinct hourglass and she has roundness and lush curves that gives her also a lot of Yin. She can beautifully pull off outfits with larger details, which goes along with her own features. ‘Diva chic’ is, in my opinion, definitely about her!
      Thank you for reading and commenting ♥


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