Reducing Waste: What YOU Can Do In Everyday Life To Help Humanity Drown In Waste A Bit Later

What can you do in everyday life to reduce the amount of waste? Instead of just talking about big changes, we can make a differerence by making the right choice everyday!

“The planet isn’t going anywhere – WE ARE” – George Carlin.
I truly find it fascinating that people passionately discuss the climate change and other issues, while taking no actual stance in their everyday decisions. I find it even more fascinating that some people consider it futile to make any effort at all because their input is miniscule compared to the outrageous externalities produced by large corporations. I am convinced that everyone who cares about the environemnt and our future has to do what they can – however small the change is! I am not advocating radical changes that are costly or difficult to implement. My post is about tiny little things that will let you reduce the amount of waste you produce. One small step for manone giant leap for mankind!

It’s truly depressing to imagine our future 50 or 100 years from now. Every time I watch post-apocalyptic movies such as Judge Dredd (1995) or The Fifth Element (1997), I feel like we’ll get a lot more garbage and a lot less cool technology stuff. It so happens that humans aren’t conscious about their surroundings and exploit the environment however they like, and not thinking two steps ahead. The World Bank says that by 2050, the amount of waste will increase by 70%, which is completely unbelievable to even imagine!

I believe that these small steps can help anyone produce a bit less waste:

1.Get a reusable shopping bag. Even if you’re not using plasic bags, you probably use paper bags that aren’t really reusable and paper is also a waste. You can get a reusable sturdy bag anywhere and they aren’t expensive either. I have such bag in every bag I carry – it takes very little space and is very convenient. You can get one from Aliexpress for as little as $2 – this is ridiculously cheap and will allow you to toss plastic bags.

2.Instead of buying makeup wipes, invest in a reusable makeup remover. Be it Makeup Eraser or Face Halo – doesn’t matter. What matters is that these things can replace dozens of wipes! As for me, I follow the double cleansing routine and use cleansing oil+face wash, which removes the necessity of any wipes completely.

3.Invest in a reusable water bottle. The amount of plastic bottles that get thrown into trash cans every day is ridiculous! All we need is just purchase a good bottle and then refill it every day. I found one on Amazon for around $7 and on Aliexpress for $4 – not that big of an investment compared to purchasing bottled water every time.

4.Reuse your soap dispenser. This might be an obvious tip, but I am listing it anyway. Soap dispensers usually contain much more plastic than liquid soap refill packs, so the obvious choice is to reuse the soap dispenser as long as possible. Nowadays many refill packs are also made of biodegradable plastic or paper, so another win-win.

5.If you’re guilty of throwing food away, make weekly menus & shopping lists. Food waste is a huge issue for a plethora of different reasons. If you find that you throw food away often, then simply make a weekly menu and then a list of products you need to make it. Don’t cook more than you and your family can eat as planned and try not to fluctuate from the list too much – in the supermarket we tend to suddenly want a lot of things that we don’t end up eating at home.

6.Cancel junk mail. It strikes me as unbelievable that in this age of the Internet we still get full post office boxes of traditional mail! Well, mainly these are ads. Go through your mail and pick the mail you don’t need, then take a step further and make arrangements to cancel it. It can be an email notification or a phone call – you’ll do a lot of good to the forests!

7.Buy durable kitchenware. Kitchenware rotation is another common reason for waste. First, consider not using plastic plates, spoons, and forks at all – they are being used once and then tossed immediately. One of the possible alternatives to plastc can be silicone – it’s much more durable, long-lasting, and won’t scratch your non-stick pots and pans, however it’s not fully environmentally friendly. I got a set of 10 items for $15 from Aliexpress – it gets the job done and is very long-lasting. Ideally, metal and wooden kitchenware are preferrable, because they’ll basically last you forever or at least a very long time.

8.Get ceramic/glass/metal jars for grains, coffee, spices, etc. Let the Pinterest organization porn be your inspiration! I have a metal jar for coffee (it holds the aroma very well), then ceramic+bamboo jar set for salt and sugar I got from Aliexpress for $18, and I’m on my way to getting glass jars for rice, flour, etc. These pots last pretty much forever unless broken or rusty.

9.Browse for the ways to donate stuff. Be it clothes, makeup items, shoes, – anything! For instance, Red Cross accepts clothes and shoes – check their website out to see the location of the donation bins.

10.If possible, read reviews online before buying things like skincare, makeup, etc. It’s surely very frustrating when the product you paid your money for doesn’t suit your skin, expectations, or needs. Over the years, I’ve found that reading reviews really helps me save money and save the environment some waste. Thank goodness for Google and all the blogs out there for this! Btw, I have a lot of reviews of K-beauty skincare – you’re welcome to check them out!

Well, these are my best everyday tips for reducing waste. Just finished writing and noticed that I’ve included many links to Aliexpress products, so I need to put a disclaimer here – I’m not affiliated with any of the companies that sell these products. I’ve purchased these items myself because I love saving money while shopping and don’t mind waiting a bit for it to arrive. I’ve actually been in a process of moving several months ago, so that’s when I found and ordered all this stuff.

What are your tips for reducing waste? I would love to read about them in the comments!

See you in my next post,


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Author: Alexandra

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