My Holy Trinity of Fitness YouTube

Watching these 3 creators (and certified trainers) has changed the way I view fitness in several important ways. I’ve stopped bullsh*tting myself and making excuses (e.g. that a Snickers bar is alright if I’m on my period and want something sweet – I was actually destroying my health in every possible way by doing that). I’ve learned about elimination diet (thanks to Swolenormous – thank you, Papa Swolio) and how to relieve pain and tension in the neck with a simple towel in 2 minutes from Jeff Cavaliere (those of you who have a sedentary lifestyle will appreciate this too – I’ll pack this post with links to my favorite videos). Well, and getting yelled at by an angry bold man helps sometimes too (a nod to Every Damn Day Fitness). Let’s roll!

Before I start, I would like to note that I’m not associated with any of these YouTube channels in any way. I haven’t tried any of their fitness programs, so can’t give any feedback on that. What I am giving feedback on is the content they share on their YouTube channels. It was helpful for me because it targeted my personal needs, but of course there’s no way of knowing if their content will be same useful for anyone else.

All of these channels are:

  • trustworthy (yes, it’s possible in the fitness industry)
  • honest about training (no false promises of quick fixes)
  • real & experienced (all of them are run by actual trainers – not just thin gals trying to give fitness advice)


This is the ultimate channel for those who want to transform their body (lose weight, gain muscle, etc) while being guided by science and actual biology rather than the 4-week bullshit (e.g. ‘lose 10kg in a month’ or ‘gain 2 pounds of muscle in two weeks’ kind of false promises). The man behind this channel is Jeff Cavaliere, MSPT, CSCS is a professional sports physical therapist and strength coach, and the creator of the ATHLEAN-X™ workout programs and Supplements.

Jeff says he’s putting scinece back in strength and it’s true – he only suggests exercises that work and explains everything in detail. I also find it useful that he puts everything that’s in the video, into the video description box.

Athlean-X YouTube channel

Video on how to fix stiff neck in seconds


The real-life Thor aka Dash Kellner aka Papa Swolio is the man behind the Swolenormous channel. He’s educated in exercise science and has worked in the fitness industry for years. He runs his own online fitness program Swolenormous X that is based on such valuable yet rare principles as real training, real food, hard work, accountability, commitment, and discipline. I haven’t tried his program – I got valuable information out of the content on his YouTube channel.

Dash doesn’t advocate any specific diet – he advocates choosing the optimal diet for YOU. It was his channel where I first heard about elimination diet, did it, and it has transformed my own nutrition and improved my health drastically. I wrote a separate post about it. He also is the one who inspired me to do yoga – I have a dedicated post about it as well. I’m not a member of his program or community, but I’ve gotten an ENORMOUS amount of value from the content he creates. Just thankful to this person from the bottom of my heart for being honest and cutting the crap.

Papa Swolio has a daily podcast – the Daily Swole and his main channel Swolenormous. I am a long-time subscriber of both and let me tell you, I haven’t been watching anyone’s content so consistently before.

Papa Swolio’s Real Talk About Stomach Fat

The Best Diet For Your Lifestyle

Every Damn Day Fitness

If you need some extra kick of motivation to start focusing on your health, then this channel might be for you. Alan Roberts and his wife are weight loss coaches who help people develop healthy relationship with food. His content isn’t for gentle snowflakes – Alan doesn’t beat around the bush and says things how they are (well, same as Papa Swolio and Jeff). He’s also criticized multiple fitness YouTubers for their fraudulent and false claims and promises (e.g. VShreds with his ridiculous ‘body type’ quiz).

The main focus of the Every Damn Day Fitness channel is health – nothing more, nothing less.

Destined to be fat? DNA vs lifestyle choices

Why the fitness industry is failing people

Honorable mention – Shredded Sports Science

Another great channel to add to this list, but one I don’t gravitate towards as much is Shredded Sports Science with James Linker. James debunks a lot of myths and offers a lot of important info on fitness, especially when it comes to the most burning questions. I already have my favorite, so it’s no use for me to listen to the same info just from different sources (well, the facts are the same, unlike myths and lies), but I’d definitely recommend this channel to anyone interested in real information on fitness.

Why Fitness Is Screwed by Shredded Sports Science

I’ve also made a post about how to tell if a fitness expert is a jabroni

Fitness and nutrition are highly important to me (and I hope to everyone), so the quality of information really matters here. YouTube is where you can get info quickly, but often the sources aren’t reliable in the slightest. These are the channels that I consider no bullshit sources.

See you in my next post!


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