Why Kibbe Image IDs AREN’T “Kibbe Body Types”

Why Kibbe image identities aren’t ‘body types’. If you’re interested in Kibbe’s Metamorphosis, that’s a vital piece of information that self-proclaimed ‘expets’ leave out

You might have noticed that in my blog I use quotation marks whenever I say Kibbe ‘body types’. This isn’t me being obsessed with punctuation – this is me being ironic about the whole ‘body type’ thing (oops, I did it again!) referring to Kibbe and how much it doesn’t align with what Kibbe’s Metamorphosis is all about. If you’re interested in Kibbe, this post is for you!

Google defines the word ‘type’ as “a category of people or things having common characteristics” and Merriam-Webster dictionary says that it’s synonymous to the term ‘sort’ and refers to a particular “a particular kind, class, or group”.

So when we say ‘body type’ we mean a kind of bodies that have some common characteristics. Body refers to a physical sustance, meaning that a ‘body type’ implies a group or class of bodies that share some features. Here we arrive at the concept of visual similarity, which is where the issue lies.

A particular body type refers to a specific shape that is present in a person. The whole idea of a ‘body type’ is based on an assumption that these shapes are common enough to become categories, meaning that many people share the same body type.

However! In Kibbe’s system, it’s not the actual visible shape of the body that determines their image identity – it’s the overall balance of Yin and Yang.

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Everyone of us has a particular balance of Yin and Yang in our features. Your particular Yin and Yang balance comes from hundreds, thousands of years of your ancestors’ DNA. Do you really want to fit this unique cocktail into some generic ‘body type’ thing?!

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That’s exactly what Kibbe doesn’t do. He stands for getting to know YOUR unique features, learning to accept and love them. I’m not a sentimental person (just take my word for it) but all I see in his system is love. Love to you as you are, love to what you have, love to the freedom to express your unique beauty however you like, love to living your life as you want it.

This is the reason why I’m writing so much about Kibbe in my blog – I see people chopping and squeezing the unique beauty of his approach into boxes, categorizing clothes, saying that his Image Identities are ‘body types’, relying on the quiz so blindly as if human body is a math formula. I’m not the creator of his system and I’ve got nothing to gain from this, except for the feeling of relief for taking a stand where I feel something valuable needs to be protected.

If you are interested in Kibbe’s Metamprphosis, I’d suggest you learn it from him directly – he made a whole series of exercises and posts in a Facebook group ‘Strictly Kibbe’.

I’m writing about Kibbe’s system as I understand it and for me the only ethical option is to acknowledge that there is such a group and David Kibbe has a website. I’ve used this system successfully, I post my thoughts about it, and I always give credit where credit is due.
At the same time, there is no way anyone can guarantee that your expectations will be met if you choose to check the group or website out. Nobody can predict the experience you’ll have or that you’ll be able to determine you image ID quicker.

You can also read about what David Kibbe says about his system on his website.

See you in my next post,


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