Makeup Favorites: What I’ll Repurchase Forever

My all-time makeup favorites that I’ll repurchase always unless they get discontinued (like one of them already was)

Pretty please, TheBalm, L’Oreal, Physician’s Formula, Bourjois, Maybelline, and Hurraw! Don’t discontinue them! Don’t be like Wet’n’Wild!

I’m starting a whole series on makeup products and there will definitely be more great ones than flops. So I decided to start on a positive note – my all-time hands down favorites that I wish I could just purchase in bulk to last me for my whole life, if not for expiration dates! Let’s start 😊

theBalm The Manizer Sisters. This might just be the only face pallette I need when it comes to highlighters. Mary-Lou Manizer is the perfect champagne highlighter that works very well with my fair & neutral yet a tiny bit warm skintone, Cindy-Lou Manizer is the perfect peachy pink blush topper, while Betty-Lou Manizer is a gorgeous bronzer – not too warm, not too cool, not too sparkly. All of these shades are outrageously high-quality, they hold on the skin until I decide to take them off, wear very well, apply beautifully with any brush.

I bought the trio long after the Mary-Lou Manizer craze faded and everyone became obsessed with Champagne Pop etc. I’ve tested many other highlighters and none stood up to me in a way that made me think ‘it’s time to replace those three’. I got this trio for $28 and it was money well spent for sure.

Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzers. This used to be a holy grail product for nearly every YouTube beauty blogger out there (I’ve stopped watching this type of content long ago though, so not sure if it’s still so highly praised). It’s buttery soft, not powdery, gives the most natural yet glowing finish and works like a charm with any foundation, BB cream or even simply powder. Smells like a tropical paradise! I got ‘Bronzer’ (left) and ‘Light Bronzer’ (right) shades and they look very similar in the pans, but in reality they are quite different on the skin. ‘Light Bronzer is a bit more yellow-toned, while ‘Bronzer’ is more milk chocolate kind of color. Both are stunning and I use them depending on the makeup look and the time of the year.

Maybelline Color Tattoo #On and On Bronze. I think this shade would look awesome on anyone. It’s not bronzy at all – it’s more like a multidimensional and ‘live’ taupe. I have dark hazel eyes and this is one of the only eye shadow colors that work for me. Lasts for ages too, but doesn’t irritate the eyes at all. I also have a few other shades from this line and will made a separate review with good pictures – some of them are actually flops. This one is a keeper though!

Wet’n’Wild ‘Bronzer #Reserve Your Cabana. Okay, this one isn’t on the W’n’W website, which makes me think it’s been discontinued 😭. This is a beautiful product, which gives that glow from within kind of effect, yet it’s not glittery at all. When my under eye area looks especially dry and tired, I set my under eye concealer with this powder (I have no idea why it’s called a ‘bronzer’ btw) and it just brings my skin to life. Just a pity it’s not available anymore.

HURRAW! Vanilla Bean Lip Balm. This smells like divine vanilla pudding and is great for dry lips. Always wear it to bed. Another one I love is the Coffee Bean one – same great.

Clinique Cheek Pop #Ginger Pop. I rarely use blush, but when I do it’s almost always this one. This particular shade looks awesome on my fair and slightly warm skin tone. It also holds very well throughout the day and goes with pretty much any makeup look. Love it!

Lipsticks left to right:

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Liquid Lipstick #01 Personne Ne Rouge! My first red lipstick and at the same time my first liquid lipstick. This is my little hero that seriously got me into makeup to begin with. Doesn’t dry my lips out, holds for several hours and even coffee+dessert. Just a great lipstick.

Maybelline ColorSensational #527 Lady Red. It looks like a neutral red. The formula is creamy and soft. Usually I dislike Maybelline lipsticks because of their play-doh scent, but this one doesn’t have that fragrance at all – just some light vanilla. Love it!

L’Oreal Color Riche Shine #352 Beauty Guru. This formula is creamy and nourishing. I usually use it for a blotted lip look and it leaves the most beautiful warm red stain. Makes my lips look and feel healthy more than a lip balm.

The brush is just a random one from my collection.

What are your favorites that you’re holding your fingers crossed so they won’t be discontinued? Would love to read your comments!


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