10 Myths About Kibbe That Ruin It For You

Myths about Kibbe’s Metamorphosis that ruin the whole system for you and prevent you from figuring your image ID out. Warning! Brutally honest

Myths about Kibbe’s Metamorphosis that ruin the whole system for you and prevent you from figuring your image ID out. Warning! Prepare for brutal honesty! 😉

Kibbe’s Metamorphosis has been going through some sort of renaissance in recent years and some dark corners of the Internet hide self-proclaimed Kibbe ‘experts’ who perpetuate certain myths (to put it mildly) about this great system. The worst part is that these myths can completely distort your understanding of Kibbe and prevent you from getting any value from it. The goal of this post is to clarify these things.

I always premise my posts about Kibbe’s system with the statement that I’m not a Kibbe expert – I’m an admirer of his work and passionate researcher willing to share my findings with anyone. This post is coming from my great respect for David Kibbe and his work. In my experience, Kibbe’s Metamorphosis has changed not only my wardrobe – it changed the way I see myself and has become a great learning process and experience. I believe that anyone can find value in Kibbe’s teaching, but the point is to learn the true Kibbe – not his pale copies.

Let’s begin!

1.David Kibbe hasn’t done anything to his system since the 80s. This is an outrageous lie that is perpetuated by those poeple who earn money by typing clients. It’s easy to say that David Kibbe hasn’t been around at all, because then they remove him from the picture completely and state that they can basically do what they want to his work, because he can’t object. In reality, David Kibbe still works as a stylist in NYC and actively participates in Facebook group called “Strictly Kibbe”

I’m writing about Kibbe’s system as I understand it and for me the only ethical option is to acknowledge that there is such a group and David Kibbe has a website. I’ve used this system successfully, I post my thoughts about it, and I always give credit where credit is due.
At the same time, there is no way anyone can guarantee that your expectations will be met if you choose to check the group or website out. Nobody can predict the experience you’ll have or that you’ll be able to determine you image ID quicker.

He also has website where you can find his outlook of the system as of today.

2.Your image ID can be determined by photos. There are only two people who can with 100% confidence determine your type – YOU and David Kibbe himself. David Kibbe doesn’t determine image IDs relying on pictures for a reason – ANY picture distorts reality in one way or another. Think about the lighting, angles, posture, clothing, makeup – all these things can turn you into a different person on every picture. I can tell with complete confidence that Kibbe’s system isn’t difficult to understand at all to figure your image ID out, but you’ve got to learn from the best – himself!

3.You can determine your image ID by trying a bunch of different clothing styles on. Another upsetting myth that leads people in a completely opposite direction than Kibbe. If you hear any self-proclaimed Kibbe ‘expert’ saying this, you know they have zero understanding of the whole system. In short, Kibbe’s system celebrates uniqueness of every individual and individual’s features are primary. Clothing and makeup are there to accomodate these features, while styles can be vast. This is also a myth that prevents people from finding their image ID altogether – I explained why exactly in a post about the possible reasons why people can’t determine their image IDs.

4.Yin is feminine and Yang is masculine. This is a myth that makes so many women want to be Soft Dramatics, but not Dramatics – because Dramatic means a lot of Yang and women think it means looking like a man. I’d like to personally slap in the face the person who started this terrible lie! In Kibbe, Yin means roundness and Yang means sharpness. ALL image IDs represent different kinds of FEMININE beauty. If you want to know more about Yin and Yang, check this post out.

5.The quiz is a reliable tool for determining image ID. Coming from a person who loves tests and quizzes (don’t we all?) – this just isn’t true. I have a full quiz with illustrations in my blog to demonstrate examples of Yin and Yang features, but the quiz itself isn’t reliable at all. For instance, I’ve determined my image ID before finding out about the quiz and then out of curiosity took it. As a Soft Gamine, I landed on Theatrical Romantic – and these image IDs aren’t even in the same ‘family’! I understand my features very well and yet the quiz failed me. How can you be sure it doesn’t fail you?

6.Height doesn’t throw your Yin-Yang balance off and you can be a very tall Soft Gamine or a tall Theatrical Romantic. Now, this is an outright lie that comes from those who don’t have any understanding of Yin and Yang in Kibbe’s system. And I’d say basic biology too! I explained in detail why being very tall makes Soft Gamine an impossible image ID for Taylor Swift and Lily Cole as well as Theatrical Romantic for the stunning Rihanna– you’ll get a much clearer understanding of Kibbe once you understand the role of height. And nobody who’s so desperate to be a Soft Gamine that they’re twisting the whole system to suit their desire will confuse you anymore. 

7.Clothing has image IDs too. Gamine lines, Romantic lines, etc – these terms aren’t and were NEVER in Kibbe’s vocabulary. They were invented by self-proclaimed experts and can confuse anyone. So, it may be a challenge to find your own image ID, now you’re supposed to type each item of clothing? Standing in a store, looking at an item, taking a test for each item? This kind of approach makes my brain glitch. Human body isn’t a math formula and neither are clothing! If some math aficionados want to incorporate it even in style, they should stop for a moment and develop a basic understanding that style isn’t a precise science. As I said before, Kibbe is about accomodating the features that a person has, but there aren’t two exactly same people out there. Everyone’s Yin-Yang balance is unique and what matters is the whole outfit. You simply can’t categorize people into same boxes – they aren’t Tetris game figures.

8.If you look really similar to someone and know their image ID, you probably have the same image ID. This is a myth that comes from being confused and, sometimes, lazy. Even if your identical twin has been typed by Kibbe himself, there’s a good chance that even if you have same image ID, you require different wardrobe to suit your life and your goals. Dedicate the time to determine your own type – you deserve it and you can do it yourself for free.

9.Learning Kibbe’s approach through the exercises is extremely complicated. Every day women from all over the planet do it, so what’s stopping you? One thing you have to know is that David Kibbe is a visionary – he thinks in images (this is probably why he’s such a great stylist), so get ready to use your imagination! There’s nothing complex in his exercises if you read his posts attentively.

10.Every image ID has a ‘vibe’ that can help you determine it. Imagine thousands of people with the exact same vibe. Millions of people. Doesn’t seem right, does it? Exactly, because the whole ‘vibe’ is a myth! Two people in one image ID can have completely different personalities and energy about them and if you rely on intuition, it won’t do you any good. I think there’s image ID resistance, as David Kibbe described in his book, which makes intuition not function in this case. If a woman is a Romantic, she might want to be slimmer and resist her own features somewhere deep inside, so intuition is an unreliable partner here. If Rachel McAdams has a quirky vibe to her, it doesn’t mean she’s some Gamine image ID. What matters is the Yin and Yang balance as well as individual features.

Hopefully it helps you discover more about Kibbe system and get all the value you expect from it!



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Author: Alexandra @YouAndMeAndCupOfCoffee.com

Passionate researcher and writer. Coffee maniac. Pilates enthusiast. Makeup and skincare junkie. Occasionally - movie and book reviewer. Come join me on my quest!

2 thoughts on “10 Myths About Kibbe That Ruin It For You”

  1. #3 and #7 is something that I believed before I started asking more questions on Style Syntax. #9 is defintely not true I was overewhelmed at first. Then I just decided to take a few minutes out of my day to the exercises, its a lot of fun.

    Are you going to do a post about your personal exploration with Kibbe’s system?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your comment!
      Short version is as follows: I explored Kibbe system in a different way than many people do – I started with his book, found my image ID out (even without the test, but just relying on his explanation of Yin and Yang), and only then got curious about what Google had to say. To put it mildly, I was shocked – it felt like all of these online self-proclaimed ‘experts’ read a completely different book! So I decided to make a series of posts about Kibbe on my own blog to give justice to the creator of the system. Btw, Style Syntax is pretty much the only blog that I think can be trusted when it comes to Kibbe – I can see that the author is also passionate about protecting the value of Kibbe’s Metamorphosis and what it truly stands for.
      Now this is an awesome idea – to write about my own exploration of Kibbe’s system – I’ll definitely make a separate post about it. If there is something particular you’d be interested to know about, just let me know and I’ll make sure to include it in the post ❤️


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