NATURE REPUBLIC Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream Review

NATURE REPUBLIC Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream review on combination and very sensitive skin as well as very dry skin

NATURE REPUBLIC Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream review on combination and very sensitive skin.



My skin type. I’m in my late 20s and my skin type is combination. My T-zone is normal to oily and my cheeks and chin are normal to dry. As a rule, the oiliness of my T-zone is aggravated by certain foundations, skincare products, and in the summer, but even then it’s just a bit of shine, so I wouldn’t call it oily. The cheeks and chin are usually normal to dry (sometimes very dry, especially during the colder months). I am allergic to some artifical colorants and fragrance in skincare products – usually my skin gets itchy and flare up, more rarely I can get rash. I also stay away from glycerin-based skincare, because it generally dries my skin out and causes dullness and flaking over time.

Korean skincare. With my skin type I found that Korean skincare is the most fitting. I don’t follow the 10 or 12-step routines, but over the years (around 5) of using Korean skincare exclusively I have had only one minor issue caused by fragrance in the product, while my skin stays hydrated and calm. The brands I prefer are Etude House, Guerrison, Beyond, Innisfree, The Face Shop, and Scinic.

NATURE REPUBLIC Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream Review

Price: $12.8 on

Promises: This cream is claimed to be suitable to combination skin type (exactly my type) and promises to provide 24hr lasting moisture.

Used for: 1 week – rather quickly developed irritation (I suspect caused by the fragrance). My husband has been using it for 5 months at least, almost every day. I’ll tell about his skin type and experience below.

Packaging: glass jar with a plastic lid, volume 80ml:


There’s a thin safety lid under the main lid:


Texture: watery, smooth, whipped, lightweight. The color is very light cyan. Not oily at all and absorbs pretty quickly:


Scent: quite strong and lingers on the skin for at least half an hour after application. Reminds me of men’s skincare scents, but a bit sweeter. I have to note that I’m very sensitive to scents in skincare! If I smell it on my skin 10min after application, it’s already too strong for me. The scent here is fresh, but not natural fresh – it’s more like some artifical ocean fragrance. Since my skin is so sensitive, I found that strongly scented skincare products often cause irritation and it’s the fragrance I blame for irritation this time, too. So I’d suggest you checking the ingredients before purchasing.

Effect: On my skin this cream didn’t do much at all. It didn’t give me the amount of hydration I expected (I used it in the summer, when my skin is more leaning normal and a bit oily in the T-zone). The cream left a little bit of a film on top of my skin and after a while felt a tiny bit heavy. After only several uses I developed itchiness and red spots on my skin, which is why I imemdiately stopped using it. To make sure that it was this cream causing the reaction, I used it once again after a while and my suspicions were confirmed.

My husband has used up the whole jar though. He has combination to dry skin, but he’s not as prone to allergies and irritation at all. He’s been using this cream in the summer and it was hydrating enough. However, in the fall this cream didn’t prove to be very effective. My husband had a bit of dryness and flaking on his cheeks and this cream didn’t help with it at all and didn’t provide that 24h moisture that was promised ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Efficiency: 80ml goes a long way – I’d say 5-6 months, because you need quite small amount to cover the whole face.

Value-to-price: for me personally, this cream was a disappointment and as for my husband, we’ll keep looking for a more hydrating cream (currently testing one from Scinic).

Repurchase? Nope.

Would we recommend it? Despite that my husband has used the whole jar, it wasn’t the best cream he’s used at all. Innisfree Olive Real Power Cream was much better for his dry skin (he’s even used it in the summer, but in tiny quantities). I’d say that if you need a very lightweight cream and don’t mind the strong scent, this might be worth a shot. I’d definitely recommend getting a sample first if possible. 


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