Why I Avoided Yoga For So Long (Too Long)

My short story about first denying yoga because it seemed too boring and then loving it!

Thank you, Papa Swolio, for making me realize why I avoided yoga for so long and inspire me to start doing it! If you consider yoga too boring or too slow for you, you might be interested in reading this post, for I also was a firm believer in more active workouts.

I’m in my late 20s now and have been working out regularly since I was 15. I’ve tried all kinds of training, starting from pilates and ending with HIIT. I must admit, in recent years pilates has been my go-to because I naturally grow muscless very quickly and my goal isn’t to bulk up, but to simply keep my body healthy and my joints mobile and flexible. I love working out in general and any workout gives that serotonine boost.

One kind of physical activity I’ve always avoided though was yoga. I tried it a few times, but to me the idea of just holding one position (despite how hardcore it might feel) seemed simply boring. This undoubtedly stems from my personality – I just can’t sit and calm down, I’m eager to learn new things and try new things every day, otherwise I get frustrated and depressed. By all means, I felt that I simply wasn’t the kind of person to enjoy yoga.

All of this changed when around half a year ago I seriously got into the science of health and fitness. I did elimination diet and discovered a lot about my body. Swolenormous (aka Dash or Papa Swolio) has quickly become my most watched YouTube channel on health and fitness because it’s one of those rare channels that don’t bullsh*t their audience about anything. I appreciate raw and honest truth as it is instead of a pile of lies that so many fake fitness ‘experts’shove down their audience’s throat every day.

One of the things that Papa Swolio talked about a lot was yoga due to its mobility benefits etc. So I thought to myself, ‘why should I miss out on the opportunity to increase my mobility?’ and finally tried it. I can tell you right off: it wasn’t easy. I was pretty agile and my muscles weren’t that tired at all – it was my being alone with my own thoughts that was bothering me. It wasn’t boring – it was challenging to realize that I was running away from yoga as an activity that made me stay one-on-one with myself.

The time of yoga came to me at the time of changes in my life and I don’t think it was a coincidence. I changed my life almost completely, started many new things, changed the way I looked at many things. I can confidently say that it was the time when I learned more about myself and my own goals.

In one of the podcasts (unfortunately, I don’t remember which one) Dash talks about how people who consider yoga boring and just need to run-run-run all the time, need yoga the most. It’s completely true – I can attest to that. Being present mentally during a yoga workout is quite difficult, especially if you are – like me – your worst critic.

I’m all for brain gains – training my own will and my own comfort and confidence with being who I am.

If you’re one of those people who just don’t fancy yoga because of its slow pacing, I’d highly recommend you trying it – what if you’ll discover more about yourself and become more confident as a result?

And, of course, I highly recommend Swolenormous for no-bullsh*t health and fitness information. Just want to share my fav channel with y’all!


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