ETUDE HOUSE Moistfull Collagen Eye Cream Review

Etude House Moistfull Collagen Eye Cream Review on combination/dry skin. All the details you want to know!

Full and detailed review of the ETUDE HOUSE Moistfull Collagen Eye Cream on combination and very sensitive skin.


My skin type. I’m in my late 20s and my skin type is combination. My T-zone is normal to oily and my cheeks and chin are normal to dry. As a rule, the oiliness of my T-zone is aggravated by certain foundations, skincare products, and in the summer, but even then it’s just a bit of shine, so I wouldn’t call it oily. The cheeks and chin are usually normal to dry (sometimes very dry, especially during the colder months). I am allergic to some artifical colorants and fragrance in skincare products – usually my skin gets itchy and flare up, more rarely I can get rash. I also stay away from glycerin-based skincare, because it generally dries my skin out and causes dullness and flaking over time.

Korean skincare. With my skin type I found that Korean skincare is the most fitting. I don’t follow the 10 or 12-step routines, but over the years (around 5) of using Korean skincare exclusively I have had only one minor issue caused by fragrance in the product, while my skin stays hydrated and calm. The brands I prefer are Etude House, Guerrison, Beyond, Innisfree, The Face Shop, and Scinic.

ETUDE HOUSE Moistfull Collagen Eye Cream Review 

I don’t have deep or noticeable wrinkles around my eyes at all, so I can’t provide before/after pictures. The difference is not visible, but obvious to me from the way my skin feels after using this cream.

Price: $15 on for 28ml jar

Been using for: 4 months, twice a day as a part of my skincare routine. Skipped several days probably during the hottest days in the summer, when nothing but light emulsion (from this same line) felt good on my skin

Packaging: small plastic jar that contains 28ml of product. Don’t be fooled by the size of the jar – it has a smaller jar inside of it filled with the actual cream:


Texture: the texture is very soft, bouncy when you touch it in the jar. It’s similar to soft butter, but not oily. Spreads very well and absorbs quickly:


Scent: faint pleasant scent, not powdery or flowery; didn’t cause any negative skin reactions. The scent lingers on the skin for some time after application, but out of the whole Etude House Moistfull Collagen line products is probably the least strongly scented.

Effect: The cream absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave any sticky residue or film, which is characteristic for glycerin-based creams. This cream is very gentle and keeps gentle undereye skin moisturized. What’s most important: didn’t cause me any white bumps under my eyes (I often used to get those from a variety of eye creams I’ve used before, both luxury and drugstore brands) – what an awesome advantage!

Efficiency: one of the things I love about many Korean skincare products is that a tiny bit goes a VERY long way and same with this cream. The amount you see on my hand would be sufficient to cover one undereye area. I’ve been using the cream regularly for several months and 1/3 of the jar is still there. The cream has to be used within 12 months after opening – see the info on the back of the jar:


Value-to-price: 10/10. I’m extremely satisfied with this eye cream.

Repurchase? Definitely!

I would definitely recommend this eye cream. I have a feeling that its lightweight texture would do well also on oily skin, especially in colder months.

I have almost the whole Etude House Moistfull line products, so I’ll be posting more reviews shortly. Stay tuned!


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