6 Possible Reasons Why You Can’t Find Your Kibbe Image ID

Why I can’t find my Kibbe body type/Kibbe image ID? If you’ve asked this question, I can give you 6 possible explanations

You may want to determine your Kibbe body type for a variety of reasons: finding what suits you best and making shopping easier or it may be a part of your self-discovery journey. If you’re struggling with figuring your Kibbe type out, here’s a list of 5 possible reasons why it can be difficult and how to solve them.

I have to start by saying that I’m not a Kibbe expert and, in fact, except for Kibbe, nobody is. I’m a humble learner and I see a lot of value and potential in Kibbe’s teachings. The reason I make posts about Kibbe’s Metamorphosis is to spead awareness about his system and combat the sea of misinformation about it. So let’s start with the list!

1.You focus too much on the quiz. On David Kibbe’s official website you can find a statement that the quiz is no longer relevant for him. The initial purpose of the quiz was to guide people in the right direction and give them a sense of what Yin (sharpness) and Yang (roundness) are all about in his system. I have a fully illustrated Kibbe quiz with examples to help you see the Yin and Yang features. Unfortunately, the Kibbe quiz (test) is now used as a tool to merely put people in boxes. You are an individual and not a math formula – you’re a person with unique features. So try to not get stuck on specific features, trying to figure out whether they are sharp or round, because you always need to keep the whole image of yourself in mind and how Yin and Yang combine in you.

2.You’re trying to figure your Kibbe image ID by trying on a bunch of clothes. This error isn’t your error – it’s the fault of all fake “Kibbe experts” who say that there are ‘gamine lines’ or ‘romantic lines’ and make you believe that garments ‘belong’ to specific image IDs. This is a backwards approach to Kibbe because in his system you come first and garments, hairstyles, makeup, etc, come afterwards. Once you learn Yin and Yang in Kibbe, you’ll learn to spot Yin and Yang elements in clothing and see whether they can accomodate your own Yin and Yang features. You always come first!

And I can give you a simple logical reason why this method doesn’t work: what looks good and bad is highly subjective. You might refuse to try some styles on because you think you’d look awful in them or afraid that you wouldn’t be able to pull them off. Or, on the contrary, you might like some style and be biased towards it. Either way, you might be missing what would look truly the best on you just because of your own biases.

3.You’re confused by descriptions of Yin and Yang features. I’ve made a whole post about Yin and Yang in Kibbe and it’s a must-read if you’re learning his system. I sometimes see the strangest descriptions for Yin and Yang, such as spikes on shoulders as an examples for ‘sharp shoulders’ – do humans actually have them though? There are no 90 degree angles in human body, but there’s a perception of how certain features look like. When Kibbe says ‘sharp’ he doesn’t mean a 30 degree angle or spike – he means narrow and prominent feature. When he says ‘blunt’ he means features that look squarish, but not a 90 degree angle. When he says ’round’ it doesn’t mean a circle, but rather a soft edge that doesn’t have any distinct sharpness or bluntness.

4.You secretly want to be a certain image IDs. It’s always been like this: women who are tall want to be smaller, women who are short want to be taller, women who are slim want some curves, and women with curves always want to slim down. Same with hair: if it’s straight, we want it curled, and if it’s curly, we want it straughtened. It’s our human nature to want to change something about ourselves. There are even ‘fruit body shapes’ and face shapes that acclaim certain shapes as ideal. Theatrical Romantic and Soft Dramatic are the types that are considered the most feminine because of the hourglass figure and curves, so they are the most ‘desired’ (while some of the rarest in practice actually). If you try to embrace what you have, you’ll have much easier time figuring out your image ID.

5. You compare yourself to celebrities and other people. Guessing celebrity image IDs is a fun game, but that’s all it is – a game. Yes, David Kibbe categorized certain celebrities, however some of them he categorized based on seeing them in real life and some – just by pictures. That’s how Rihanna ended up a Theatrical Romantic, even though she’s quite tall and lacks that delicateness that TR typically has. What image ID Rihanna actually has, I’m not entitled to say either – that’s up to Kibbe to tell. Add plastic surgery and Photoshop into the mix and you’ve got celebrity image IDs as a very unreliable source of information. So why focus on celebrities or someone else to begin with? It’s only YOU who matters!

6.You approach Kibbe system same as the ‘fruit’ system or any other system with precise categories and lists of ‘what to wear’ and ‘what not to wear’. If you expect that defining your image identity in Kibbe’s system will magically solve all your issues choosing outfits and hairstyles, then this system (as David Kibbe presents it) may be not your cup of tea. It’s true that this system has certain image identities, however they aren’t rigid and people in one image ID category can be not similar to each other in obvious ways. The trick here is to evaluate your individual Yin and Yang balance, and then construct your outfits depending on the situation you’ll be wearing them in, your own taste, etc. The image ID in Kibbe’s system is integral, but each person’s own Yin-Yang balance is much more important to understand if you want to successfully use this system.

Finally, I need to say that there are two best people to determine your true image ID – Kibbe himself and you. David Kibbe still works as a stylist in NYC.

Any typing by pictures (even by Kibbe himself as you can see from Rihanna example) isn’t a 100% guarantee of correct image ID. It’s even worse when typing is done by people who lack the understanding of Kibbe’s system. In my case, I determined my image ID myself – the best and cheapest way to do it. So yes, it’s possible!

See you in my next post,


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Author: Alexandra @YouAndMeAndCupOfCoffee.com

Passionate researcher and writer. Coffee maniac. Pilates enthusiast. Makeup and skincare junkie. Occasionally - movie and book reviewer. Come join me on my quest!

2 thoughts on “6 Possible Reasons Why You Can’t Find Your Kibbe Image ID”

  1. Hi there.
    I am a definatly hourglass, and quite narrow boned. I am also more Yin than Yang, but I am moderate height, and although my hands aren’t that big, my feet are quite big. My vertical line is very short, people always tell me I’m short, but I’m not short. (Or that tall.)
    Is it possible to be a theatrical romantic if you have largish feet?
    Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello,
      As I’ve mentioned multiple times in my posts, focusing on specific features isn’t the way to go because it’ll only confuse you. The things to figure out are: what’s your vertical line, width, and angularity. Then you’ll be able to work from there. Maybe you’ll find something useful in my other posts about Kibbe system https://youandmeandcupofcoffee.com/tag/kibbe-image-identities/
      Best wishes,


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