Dita Von Teese: 5 Things That Make Her An Icon

Today we talk not about Dita Von Teese’s beauty and appearance – that’s not what makes a woman iconic. I cover top 5 things about her that make her a true icon of womanhood.

Dita Von Teese is a living piece of art. She is elegant, chic, classy, and sensual. Her sense of style is polished and immediately recognizeable. But it’s not her appearance or outer beauty that make her a true icon of our time – in my opinion, it wouldn’t be even nearly enough. It’s her personality, views, and actions that make me respect and admire her.

1.She doesn’t take her profession for granted. In numberous interviews, Dita Von Teese mentions her research about the history of burlesque and striptease. She cares about the legacy of those who created this industry into what it is today and she’s doing her best to let their legacy live.

For instance, in a fitting at a LA vintage clothing store Dita talks about her admiration for Gypsy Rose Lee – burlesque entertainer and vedette famous for her striptease act. The store owner notes that Dita respects the clothes and has high appreciation for the history behind each item.


2.When Dita creates something, she’s 100% invested in it. Today many celebrities work with many brands and designers to create products (makeup, clothes, jewelry, fragrances, etc), but they rarely get involved in the process of designing the products and their creation.

Dita isn’t about slapping her name on something just to sell it though. She won’t put her name on anything that isn’t up to her own standards – and her standards are very high. For instance, Dita has released 4 fragrances and each time she dedicated a lot of time to developing each scent and testing them. When celebrities want to release a fragrance, they simply come to the perfume house and are presented with several options. They choose the one they prefer and it gets into production. Dita got to choose from 10 options, but rejected this quick solution in favor of designing her fragrances first-hand, working with the noses (people who make perfume compositions).

In her lingerie and clothing lines, Dita went for vintage-inspired, yet high quality and sophisticated designs. Her idea is to give every woman, independently on her size, the opportunity to be glamorous. Her clothing line sizes go up to size 20.

3.She’s ‘not about seducing men, but embracing womanhood’. It would be an understatement to say that Dita Von Teese is sexy. She’s a burlesque queen, after all! However, 80% of her audience are women. It’s easy to understand – her shows and performances aren’t sexy in a vulgar way, but sensual and beautiful, which is why they attract primarily female audience. Women love all things beauty. Dita is well-aware about her own sensuality and she’s mastered the art of expressing it in a tasteful way.

Dita says that the main difference between stiptease and burlesque is that the latter has ‘more rhinestones and feathers’ and her love and respect for her own profession is inspiring. She is calm with herself and confident, which is why she can be a role model for any woman.


What Dita does isn’t merely to appeal to men. On the contrary, it’s a ‘celebration of feminine energy’ as a host noted in one of the interviews with Dita. By all means, she’s an extremely attractive woman, but in my opinion her major achievement is her ability to be a positive female figure that unabashedly represents sexuality.

4.She’s honest about staying in shape. Dita Von Teese was born in 1972, which means she’s turned 47 this year. Instead of jumping on the bandwagon of popular trends, Dita’s only advice is to ‘never let yourself go’. While we – of course – would love to hear some secrets from celebrities on how they maintain their shape, the reality is simple – good diet and regular exercise is the solution. Dita’s secret is consistency and discipline.

5.Dita’s motto is embracing what you like – not trying to fit someone else’s standards. Would you ever believe that the Dita we see in interviews and on the majority of pictures is the product of her own making? She does everything herself – makeup, hair, and styling. Dita says that she only works with hair & makeup squads for photoshoots sometimes, but other than that she enjoys the process of doing all these things herself.


In many interviews, she notes that when she was a teenager, she couldn’t relate to the ‘beauty standards’ of the time. She says that she didn’t see herself in those Sports Illustrated models, so she developed a fascination for the old Hollywood glamour as the art of creating yourself. To Dita, glamour isn’t about how much money you have, what you naturally look like, or what your age is – it’s accessible to anyone because it’s something you create. She’s a do-it-yourself girl and, as she states herself, she always had fascination for women who dared to be different.

Bonus! Did you know that Dita has created her own twist on a Margarita cocktail? It’s called MargaDita and it’s as glamorous as you could imagine! Watch Dita preparing it herself.

Dita Von Teese had to be the first icon for me to talk about in a post. Simply seeing her pictures isn’t enough to perceive her persona – watching her talk, her gestures, and her poise truly demonstrate how holistic she is. She’s elegant both in the way she carries herself and her appearance.

See you in my next post,


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Author: Alexandra @YouAndMeAndCupOfCoffee.com

Passionate researcher and writer. Coffee maniac. Pilates enthusiast. Makeup and skincare junkie. Occasionally - movie and book reviewer. Come join me on my quest!

2 thoughts on “Dita Von Teese: 5 Things That Make Her An Icon”

  1. She’s awesome, I have her book “Your Beauty Mark ” and religiously underlined certain quotes with a pencil while reading it lol 😀 I didn’t know about the MargaDita tho 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your comment 💖 Glad you’ve learned something new about Dita from my post ❤️ My husband has just gifted me this book recently and it’s now one of my most precious possessions! The quality of that book has exceeded all my expectations. At the same time, Dita never puts her name on anything less than perfect, so I guess nothing surprising here. Wonderful book and so informative – love it!

      Liked by 1 person

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