10 Unconventional Hobby Ideas You’ll Love (On A Budget)

These are 10 unconventional hobby ideas on a budget. A great hobby doesn’t have to be expensive – there are awesome cheap hobbies that’ll be extremely rewarding.

If you’re looking for a new hobby, then this list could be just what you’re looking for. I like to switch my hobbies quite often, so my favorites are those that don’t require too much of an investment. So these are unconventional hobbies you can do on a budget. Let’s start!

1.Painting by numbers. One of my absolute favorites. It not only results in a beautiful piece of art to hang on the wall or gift to someone, but is a great stress reliever too. I order my painting by number sets from Aliexpress and they cost around $6 each for canvas, brushes, and paints. Currently working on a Marilyn Monroe painting:


2.Growing herbs indoors. If you like seasoning and spices to add while cooking, then this is an awesome idea to try. Many herbs will easily grow in small pots and won’t require too much care either. I successfully grew a bay tree (it’s more like a bush actually), rosemary, and thyme. Other options include parsley, chives, basil, cilantro, and oregano. Some of these herbs will not only make a perfect add-on to your dishes, but will fill the room with pleasant scent, such as rosemary and basil.

3.Geocaching. If you want to explore your city and feel like Indiana Jones for a bit, then this is probably a hobby you should consider. The official website of geocaching says that it’s the world’s largest tresure hunt and I’d agree with that for sure! All you need is to download the app with maps where caches are marked. Some caches are easy to find, some require solving riddles – are you up for the challenge?

4.Knitting/embroidery. I had to include this one for those who like useful and relaxing hobbies. I am fascinated by people who can create something beautiful and in the case of knitting something beautiful you can wear. For many, knitting is a great stress reliever. Knitted and embroidered pieces make great gifts, too.

5.Board games. The variety of board games to choose from is huge. They can be played alone or with friends and family. Either way, it’s a lot of fun – to try and learn the rules and then beat the game or other players. We own Pandemic board game and it’s always fun to play.

6.Learn about style. Looking good often makes us feel good, that’s why I’m convinced that it’s awesome to know what suits you and what makes you feel awesome. I learn about style and fashion from books and articles – it’s always fascinating how fashion changed over time. You might be interested in color analysis, personal image development, capsule wardrobe, color combinations, accessories, amping up your wardrobe to suit you more, developing a style to look more expensive, etc. My personal favorite is the Kibbe image ID system.

7.Volunteering. From my personal experience I can tell that being a volunteer is a rewarding experience whatever you do. You get to learn something new, meet new people, and maybe find out more about yourself, too. The options are endless – which one would be your pick?

8.Making handmade jewelry. This hobby will push you to develop your creative side, which is precious for anyone. Now, it doesn’t mean you have to open an Etsy store (unless you want to) – try it for your own enjoyment and feel like an artist. You can create something beautiful which will reflect your personality and sense of style or make a gift for someone. You can make jewelry from a vast variety of materails, such as wood, beads, threads, and stones. There’s no limit here.

9.Learn a new skill. This can be anything. For instance, if you’ve always wanted to learn Adobe Photoshop, you can do it for free using YouTube videos as tutorials. Learning a new skill isn’t only rewarding, but can help your career someday – who knows? Just make sure it’s a hobby and don’t treat it like full-on studying or work unless it feels right.

10.Hiking, walking, biking, camping, yoga, or pilates. I couldn’t skip physical activity for this list! You don’t need to go to the gym to be in great shape – all you need is to eat a balanced and healthy diet and be active. These are great options that are quite cheap: for camping it’s pretty much a one-time investment if you love this activity; for biking you can rent a bike; for yoga and pilates you’ll mostly only need a yoga mat. You’ve got your options for when you feel like going out and stay indoors, so take your pick, but each is great.

What’s your favorite hobby?

See you in my next post,


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Author: Alexandra @YouAndMeAndCupOfCoffee.com

Passionate researcher and writer. Coffee maniac. Pilates enthusiast. Makeup and skincare junkie. Occasionally - movie and book reviewer. Come join me on my quest!

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