7 Christmas Gifts Anyone Will Like

What to gift someone who you don’t know that well? Or what to gift an acquaintance? I’ve come up with a list of 10 Christmas gift ideas that you can use and finally solve the mind-boggling question of ‘what to gift?’ 

What to gift someone who you don’t know that well? Or what to gift an acquaintance? I’ve come up with a list of 10 Christmas gift ideas that you can use and finally solve the mind-boggling question of ‘what to gift?’

1.Shoe care kit. This is a kind of gift that nobody knows they need it, but when they get it, they are always happy about it. Look for something that looks presentable and includes necessities like shoe blush, cloth, shoe polish, shoe wax, etc. If you want your gift to really impress the receiver, choose a kit in a nice wooden box or case. Keep in mind that the wax and polish should be preferrably transparent, since you don’t know what shoes the gift receiver will use the kit for.

2.Exquisite olive oil. I’ve never seen any ‘gift ideas’ list mentioning “The Liquid Gold” of the Cretan Mediterranean Diet and it’s unfairly overlooked. Olive oil is used in many households not only for cooking, but skin care and hair care as well. It’s much healthier than sunflower oil and screams good food. I’d suggest choosing olive oil in a dark green or black glass bottle or, as another good option, a can. Anyone will appreciate such gift, especially if you go one step further and get it from your local specialty store.

3.Bottle of wine and wine accessory. You can go with just a bottle of wine – this is a classic gift that never gets old. However, if you want to stepit up a bit, then get a wine accessory, such as Vacu Vin or any other wine saver. Your extra care will be much appreciated!

4.Coffee table book. This is an awesome book for anyone, but it’s not personal enough to give your close friends and family (unless it goes with some other gift and/or the book is somehow very special for the receiver). At the same time, coffee table book is great for people you don’t know that well. Usually such books are hefty and contain a lot of illustrations. They also happen to be interesting for nearly anyone, be it a history of fashion book or motorcycle evolution.

5.Scented candles. This is an awesome gift for anyone because who doesn’t enjoy nice smelling home? If you’re afraid that the scented product won’t match the taste of the receiver, just ask the staff to help you choose (bestselling candles are usually a safe bet or you could ask which of them are inoffensive smelling).

6.Kitchenware/cookware. This gift can seem oldschool, but I am yet to find a person who’d say ‘No thanks, I’ve got enough kitchenware and cookware!’ You can find some of the most beautiful and intricate kitchenware designs as well as awesome quality on Amazon or Aliexpress. I am currently using a 10 piece set from Aliexpress in bright green color – must admit I’ve never been so satisfied with a less than $15 purchase – all tools work well and don’t get stained by any food.

7.Blanket or throw. This is one of the coziest, nicest, and yet so overlooked gifts!  Literally used in every household and there’s never too many of them. People can use them in winter or use it as a spare blanket for guests. Try to find something of a material that doesn’t have static electricity (100% polyester is usually guilty of this crime), but opt for wool and mixed knits (e.g. 50:50 wool and polyester)

Hope you got some new gift ideas!

See you in my next post,


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