What to Gift a Woman for Christmas? 15 Amazing Gift Ideas

15 awesome gift ideas for Christmas for wife, girlfriend, sister, mom

Black Friday is here and Christmas is less than a month away, so time to think about gifts. If you are preoccupied trying to decide what to gift your mom, sister, wife, or girlfriend, then this post is for you. These are some universal gift ideas that don’t include very personal items (such as lingerie, a day at the SPA, etc), but they will surely be appreciated. My ideas of gifts for men I already posted.

Body lotion or hair mist in the same collection as her favorite fragrance. Now, buying a woman a fragrance is often much more complicated than gifting a bottle of perfume to a man. Women generally have more experience with fragrances and can often tell what they like and dislike. I’d say there’s one exception: if the woman is a perfume collector and aficionado, then she’ll probably appreciate a bottle of fragrance. In case you don’t want to risk buying a new fragrance but still want to give a luxurious and amazing gift, pick up one or a few things from the same line as the woman’s favorite fragrance (or even a full gift set with a fresh bottle of it and various additions)

Scented candle. It doesn’t have to be a candle from Sephora from Jo Malone or something (unless you are preparing a gift for a very affluent lady). Any woman will appreciate a candle from Bath & Body Works, especially if it’s a light and not overpowering scent. Some of the best notes are vanilla, cedarwood and other woody notes, apple, and berries.

Card holder. You can get an awesome leather card holder for not that high of a price, but this is a great gift for any woman. If it’s a high quality piece, then she’ll enjoy having it in her purse and using it.

Fitness watch. If a woman is into fitness, she’ll definitely appreciate this little tool. But be aware that if a woman doesn’t care that much about fitness, she can misinterpret your intentions and consider this as a hint that she’s out of shape.

Luxurious hair brush. Everyone brushes their hair and this tool is a necessity, so why not make these few minutes every day more enjoyable for her? You can try and find some beautiful hair brushes that and handmade, with carved wooden handles or decorations.

Pocket mirror. This is also an absolute necessity, just make sure to find sturdy piece that’ll survive every day in a purse.

Vanity mirror. Today you can find all kinds of vanity mirrors, including those with lights.

Coffee table book. This is a type of gift you can give with other gifts to a person who definitely enjoys reading. As a separate gift it’s great for people you aren’t that close with. Now this definitely reminds me of Kramer’s coffee table book from Seinfeld: 


The book can be about anything – fashion, hobby that the woman has, history. 

Any piece of technology that is appropriate.  Think for a second what the woman likes to do and then read this list: hand held steamer, curling iron, flat iron, hairdryer, earplugs, electric toothbrush and flosser, ring lights if she enjoys taking pictures (even portable ones). Make sure to get something she needs – not your household. For mom, sister, or girlfriend you can consider rice cooker and other kitchen appliances if you don’t live together.

Painting. If the woman enjoys art, try to find some local artists and get a painting for her. This gift can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. As another option, take her pictures to a portrait painter and order her portrait (that would be a great gift from a husband/boyfriend a wife or girlfriend). For mom or sister, you can order a painter to recreate one of your family pictures – this will become a precious memory for years to come.

Scarf or necktie. Depending on what the lady prefers, you can get her one of these accessories. This kind of gift can be very budget-friendly and there are never enough accessories in any woman’s closet!

Chocolate candies you’ve made yourself. I know, this is a challenging one, but here the taste experience will be overshadowed by the understanding of how much you care. It can be not only chocolate, but also cookies, etc. To make it even greater, get a fancy box for the sweets and voilà! You can definitely buy good chocolate as well if you don’t feel like making it – that’s usually a nice addition to any gift.

Bottle of wine. Classic gifts don’t get old. You can get this gift for anyone if you just can’t come up with anything else, but in my opinion it’s a bit too impersonal (unless this is some rare wine and/or her absolute favorite)

Wool or cashmere socks. I included this gift idea into the list for men as well because I am convinced that everyone deserves awesome warm socks! If they don’t feel like they are enough as an individual gift, get them as an addition to your main one. Although, cashmere socks can be quite expensive.

Set of makeup brushes. This gift idea would work of course for those women who use makeup. I don’t include actual makeup items because they are too hard to choose right (unless you know the exact thing the lady would like to get), but brushes are a safe bet. I can recommend Zoeva, M.A.C. and Sigma brushes – they last very long, work well, and don’t shed. 

I hope that you’ll get the best deals on Black Friday and the best gifts for your loved ones!

See you in my next post,


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Author: Alexandra @YouAndMeAndCupOfCoffee.com

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