What to Gift a Man for Christmas? 10 Ideas for You on Black Friday

What to gift a man for Christmas? I come to you with my huge list of gift ideas!

Black Friday is upon us and Christmas is just around the corner. If the upcoming holidays are giving you not the feeling joyful anticipation, but anxiety about “what to gift” then this post is for you.

These gift ideas will be suitable for father/brother/boyfriend/husband and anyone else who you can call close circle. If you’ve been invited to people you don’t know that much, then it’s a completely different topic and I’ll cover it soon. For now, let’s start with the list!

A bottle of good quality alcohol. It can be wine, cognac, or brandy – whatever you know the gift receiver prefers. If he has a favorite brand, then your task is quite easy. However, if you know that this person would be willing to try something new, it’s a great idea to surprise him with something new. While at the wine store, mention the usual brand he prefers to the somelier and you’ll definitely get good suggestions.

Leather cardholder or wallet. Men sometimes tend to hold on to wallets until they literally disintegrate. So if you know that a man you’re preparing a gift for is especially passionate about keeping his wallet, get him a cardholder, maybe with RFID skimming. It’s an easy gift that’ll be useful to anyone!

Wool or cashmere socks. This is one of the best gifts you can ever give to anyone. Warm, cozy, and shows your care – what else should be in a gift? Depending on who you’re gifting them to, you can choose funny designs or classic black, grey, or beige ones. Either way, that’s a definite safe bet.

Nice tie or scarf. There’s never too many ties, but this gift is suitable for those who actually wear suits on a regular basis. Scarf, on the other hand, is a safe bet for anyone. A warm wool scarf is a useful gift that’ll be awesome to receive and it also lasts for a long time.

Gloves. If you know the hand size of the man you’re searching a gift for, then you can go for leather gloves. This gift is chic, elegant, long-lasting, and it will always warm his heart when he wears them during the cold season. If you don’t know the glove size, you can always go for high quality wool gloves that stretch – they’ll fit for sure.

Anything that has to deal with his hobby or interest. This one can be tricky, because when someone feels passionate about something, they can quite picky. So go with something simple. Got a Star Wars fan? Order a custom-made mouse pad for him with his favorite character and/or scene. Got a person who likes to go for a run? Get him a fitness water bottle that will be convenient to take everywhere.

Piece of technology. These can be earphones, computer mouse, kitchen scales, e-book, electric toothbrush or flosser, rice cooker, or one of those fancy floor scales that measure your body composition (smart scales) if the person takes care of his health. This type of gift is thoughtful and always useful.

Board game. If the man likes board games, it’s always great to find some new game for him. You can think about the games he already likes and try to find something with a similar vibe or find a completely new one. Before buying, check reviews and ratings of board games – it’ll help a lot.

Hand-held steamer. That’s for those men who are always busy and don’t have time for taking care of their clothes. They aren’t too expensive and you can get one from Amazon or something, but in the time of need this little guy is very useful. Of course, this gift is best for men who don’t live with you, so that it wouldn’t look like you’re just buying something for the family instead of making a personal gift.

 Skincare, hair care, or fragrance. This type of gift is very personal, so make sure that you know the man’s preferences before buying. Here I mean buying fragrance, hair care, or skincare items that you know for sure this man will like (maybe he used it before, maybe just recently used it up, etc). If you’d like to risk it with fragrance, then here are three, which in my opinion any man will appreciate if not love (tried all of these myself because I am huge fragrance aficionado), all links are to Fragrantica:

Sauvage by Dior– it’s very popular for a reason. It’s very likeable, there’s a strong pepper note that makes it masculine, then there’s warm amber. Definitely not for the office, but for any other occasion will do 100%

L’Homme by Prada – now this is your classic daytime fragrance. It’s inoffensive, clean, and will suit anyone. It doesn’t last too too long, so the man won’t be suffocating people in the office. He’ll also be able to change the fragrance in the evening if he’s heading for a date or any other occasion

F by Ferragamo Black Salvatore Ferragamo– a more budget-friendly option. Quite fresh, but there’s also some sweetness underneath that makes it likeable. Lasting power is around the same as L’Homme. This one, in my opinion, would be good for any occasion – just clean fragrance, inoffensive and pleasant. I gifted it already once and then got asked for no other gift than the same fragrance for next time.

A lot of options to choose from, so I can only wish you happy shopping!

See you in my next post,


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Author: Alexandra @YouAndMeAndCupOfCoffee.com

Passionate researcher and writer. Coffee maniac. Pilates enthusiast. Makeup and skincare junkie. Occasionally - movie and book reviewer. Come join me on my quest!

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